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Would you ever put out this sign?

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Thread: Would you ever put out this sign?

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    I like tje sign, but it's not for me.
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    I like mine better:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Would you ever put out this sign?-goaway-2-.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divebum47 View Post
    Nope NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), but maybe in my anti-gun neighbor's yard
    That's what I was thinkin'.
    "Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom" Gen. George Patton

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    No, let them find out the hard way.
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    I have things inside that are worth dying for so I couldn't put that sign out without making a liar out of myself.

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    Personally, I would not.

    I read an article by Ayoob many years ago in which he pointed out how posting a sign like that could show an unsympathetic jury you kind of have a predisposition to looking forward to killing someone given the opportunity.

    Personally, I kind of like the sign and a few others like it. One of my favorites was one posted on a persons rural property stating "Warning, you are now within rifle range!" They have a catchy punchline and puts the bad guy on notice.

    However, as Ayoob pointed out, an unscrupulous prosecutor may want to jump on the chance in an attempt to show an underlying cold blooded personality to your mentality.

    It's just something akin to borrowing trouble and a road I simply would not like to go down if I don't have to.

    Mounting a defense either at the grand jury level or for a trial is going to be expensive enough as it is. Why add to that expense by making your attorney deal with "red herring" issues you don't have to.

    If I ever must shoot someone to defend myself, I want to be clear I had a reluctance to do so. That I had no other choice and was forced by circumstances to use lethal force in defending myself.

    Putting up a sign like "Trespassers will be shot, Survivors will be shot again," or like the one in the above post kind of lets one believe shooting someone is kind of your first option.

    Again, it may be a bogus argument, but why go down that road if you don't have to?
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Don't need no stinkin' signs...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I'ld put it on my ANTI neighbors lawn some night, if I had one.

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    No. Most BG's know talk is cheap. They ignore no gun signs also.

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    I saw one:

    "Caution - Bad Wife"
    The "news media" has ceased being the watch dog of the people and has become the apologist for an irresponsible government.

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    In the front yard--No Way
    On the wall in the garage--Hell Yea

    I picked up a few 'alarm company looking' stickers at a gun show that are similar. "This Property Protected By An Armed American Citizen...There Is Nothing Here Worth Dying For". While I like them, they are NOT going on any entrance to my home.

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    Would I ever put up this sign?

    Quote Originally Posted by UnklFungus View Post
    Thought I would gather your opinions on this and see if you would actually put this in front of your house.

    Ready to Defend

    To tell the truth.....NO. That would be printing in the third degree if you ask me. The heck with warnings.....I want the element of surprise. Truth be known, I'd be wasting my time attempting to thwart burglars with a sign........I'd rather rid the world of malice one step at a time on my own terms.

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    No, I wouldn't place that sign out...just as soon as you shoot someone, you've got people armchair quarterbacking your mindset.

    "Your Honor, the defendant planned on killing anyone who stepped in his yard. My client got away with his life, but is now paralyzed from the mouth down. He's a virtual Stephen Hawking..."

    No disrespect intended.

    Okay, maybe in the garage. INSIDE.

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    Maybe put it in the foyer so it's the first thing they see when they come thru the door
    Light travels faster than sound...thats why some people appear bright before they speak

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