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Would you ever put out this sign?

This is a discussion on Would you ever put out this sign? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I like it, but no, wouldn't use it. But for those who are saying it might used against the homeowner, maybe he could say, "Well, ...

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Thread: Would you ever put out this sign?

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    I like it, but no, wouldn't use it.

    But for those who are saying it might used against the homeowner, maybe he could say, "Well, I warned him."

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    Would you ever put out this sign?
    Of course not. Why give a prosecuting attorney extra opportunitys to put horns and a tail on you?
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    Never. I got one from my cousin that says " Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again." It hangs in the gun room.

    I think some lawyer could probably pull some sort of mumbo jumbo about menacing or something over it if you ever actually did shoot someone.
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    Let it be known that this property is privately owned.
    There shale be no person or persons present on this property for any reason without the written consent of the property owner.
    Persons trespassing will be assumed armed with the intent to kill or seriously harm the property owner.
    If said person is actually reading this sign; this property owner will know because you are in the property owner's cross hairs.
    Turn around very slowly and calmly walk away.

    Have a nice day
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    I'm not in the business of helping criminals, so rather than make it easy on them I'll leave it a mystery. They can find out the hard way if it comes to that.

    It is a good sign, like others said it would be nice in the ol' man cave.
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    No I would not. I was told that posting a beware of dog sign on your property wasn't a good idea either.

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    No, I wouldn't put the sign in my yard. True, it is a shock factor. But if someone wants inside your home, they are going to get inside no matter what sign is in your yard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paaiyan View Post
    It's also asking for a prosecutor in a home defense case to grill and portray you as a gun nut who was just waiting for someone to come along so you could shoot them.
    Well if your defense atty is worth his/her sheep skin, he/she will argue on the facts alone that a hostile intruder forced his way into your home, intending to commit a crime. You went for your gun and shot him. The fact that there is a sign of this nature states no specific action that will be taken in the event of a break in, only that it is tantamount to a sign advertising that your home is equipped with a security system. Plus there are first amendment issues here. more later, time is short.

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    I always get a kick outta that kind of sign - but probably would never post in my own yard.
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    You see them a lot out here in Bubba-country. For good or bad, I don't think anybody ever doubts that the owner would back it up.
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    I like many others here wouldn't advertise what I have or what's waiting for you if you try to take what I have. Though it did remind me of this pic.
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    cant be any worst than my shootin range i can see from my front door. dont have any words but has alot of holes

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJoGunn View Post
    In my daily activity (real estate appraisal for a county assessor) I have seen signs very similar to that. I just ignore them even though they are there for the shock value.

    They may or may not deter the person who is willing to break into a house under any circumstances.

    Criminals seldom look at signs. How many places have we seen that were the site of shootings with the "No Firearms Allowed" sign posted quite visibly? That sign did nothing to thwart a determined criminal.
    What you say is true enough but the "No Firearms Allowed" sign is an invitation into a defense free crime zone. This sign says just the opposite. For the record, I wouldn't consider putting up such a sign.

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