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What will work is to identify the power lead either to the fuel pump directly, or to the fuel pump relay, and install a hidden switch which controls it. Switching the FP relay is desireable because of the small current involved; fuel pumps are typically fused at 25 amps or more so you would need a switch capable of handling that current.

Mount the toggle switch some place out of the way, such as tied to the seat frame under the driver's seat. You don't have to go nuts finding a super-secret location, just out of normal sight is fine as long as the wiring is hidden or at least inconspicuous.

With the FP switched off, your car may start but it sure won't run for long.

If you want to get esoteric, you could use the switch to move FP power to a slow-blow fuse rated at 1/3 to 1/2 the normal rating for the FP circuit. That would allow the car to be started and run for just a few minutes, presumably long enough for the thief to get the car out on the road before it died - thus calling attention to itself.
Yep, toggle switch control for power going to fuel pump.

My son had his truck broken into a few years ago, they took his wallet that had his "extra" key in it. I was concerned that the BG had his truck key and his address and could come back and take his truck. I installed a hidden toggle switch near the fuse panel (using the fuel pump fuse). I have forgotten to activate the toggle a few times and tried to crank it, it'll run for about one second then dies as if out of gas. EASY and RELIABLE FIX