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Why are SWAT teams inspecting oil rigs?

This is a discussion on Why are SWAT teams inspecting oil rigs? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Eagleks Sure , send a SWAT team who have no clue of the engineering, operations, or anything else to do ........................... ????? ...

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Thread: Why are SWAT teams inspecting oil rigs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    Sure , send a SWAT team who have no clue of the engineering, operations, or anything else to do ........................... ????? Stupid at it's peak.
    Only if "SWAT team" refers to a law enforcement team and having no purpose on an oil rig. For all the obvious reasons, I suggest this is an incorrect reading of the term "SWAT team," as it relates to the leaking oil rig.

    Only the tin foil hat type web sites are spewing the suggestions that "SWAT" implies a law enforcement force of some sort, which certainly wouldn't be comprised of oil rig/equipment engineers.

    A special group of well-trained engineers and technical is often gathered together in times of crisis like this, to focus quickly on a tough problem that needs special skills. In business, such a group is frequently called a "task force" or a "SWAT team." It by no means implies the team has anything to do with government or law enforcement, let alone the tin foil hat proclamations many of those silly web sites are spreading.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevem174 View Post
    Considering SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics, I can't understand why ANYONE would think police / military! But then again maybe my tin foil hat is too tight.
    Many would. And yet, it's a common enough phrase in business to refer to a special team put together to tackle a tough, time-sensitive problem requiring special skills.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edr9x23super View Post
    And you don't know jack-diddly about drilling oil and gas wells either, son....

    They were in the process of installing the blowout preventer when a huge gas bubble overcame the pressure imposed by the drilling fluid (mud) and blew through the casing and caused the explosion. I guarantee you that is what they are going to find out. No "dead man's switch or any other hokey nonsense would have stopped this from happening. They just punched their hole into the wrong place in the wrong formation. I punched quite a few holes in the ground as a driller back in the 70s and 80s, while working for my Grandpa who was an independent oilman. Installing equipment like that is the most dangerous part of the process and a gamble everybody who punches holes in the ground takes. And every once in a while you run across a monster gas pocket that your equipment cannot handle, it is simple physics.

    If the pressure down in the hole is around 50,000 psig and your pumps are only capable of 30,000, you are going to lose the well, unless you find some way to control the pressure in time to install the equipment and valves necessary to control the well conditions.

    This is nothing that had anything to do with GWB. This could have happened anywhere on the planet, and does happen more often than you think, these guys just lost control of it.....

    Very good post! And I appreciate your insight on this topic.

    Also thanks for the link to Mark Levin's show. It was a very good interview and again, insightful.
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    Seems that inserting "SWAT" into a sentence inappropriately is like calling nuclear, nucular. For the supposed brilliance of the current administration they sure make some awfully unnecessary blunders that they have to turn around and try to explain away. The only use for a real SWAT team on a rig might be to check for its security, but maybe red cell would be better for that. Might want to call the Navy.
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    OK, knock off the petty arguing. If you guys don't I'll have GWB send a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, flood, drought, disease, famine or even locusts your way.

    Anyway, I'm leaning towards the SWAT term being misused. If not, they are there to secure the rigs for the investigations to come. I've been involved in SWAT for a along time, and never received any kind of oil rig education. But, I'm pretty sure I could secure one if that was the mission.
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    I read a story on another forum intimating the oil rig was sabotaged by the North Koreans and that the MSM is covering up the whole story. Whatever!!!
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