CAUTION...Using copy machines...

CAUTION...Using copy machines...

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Thread: CAUTION...Using copy machines...

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    CAUTION...Using copy machines...

    A very easy way to lose your private information...

    Copy machines, a security risk? [VIDEO]


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    Holy cow!!! It is right out there for easy pickings....
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    Well, that's interesting!

    China will be the next to purchase all of our used copiers!
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    Worthwhile thread boscobeans.

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    My cousin is in the printing business and he got many years ago one of those high tech copiers. The guy who installed it also hooked it up to the phone line. A year goes by and the same tech walks into my cousins shop and say that he is here to fix the copier.

    My cousin tells him that there is nothing wrong with the copier. He replies, Yes there is, the copier called us and told us I was not working correctly and what part to bring.

    It did what?

    The tech makes a copy and then replaces the defective part. Then he makes a second copy of the orginial and it is day and night diffrence. The machine was smart enough to know something was wrong and took care of it by itself.

    That my friends is crazy.

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    Genuinely scary!!
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    Boscobeans: Thanks. Though I had seen this on the news last week, it deserves posting here and some wider discussion.

    This is a truly frightening development from a preservation of privacy point of view.

    Does anyone have enough technical knowledge of both copiers and printers to know if a similar problem exists with multi-function printer-copiers. Or even with Laser Printers. Are they storing what you printed or scanned?

    I have a printer which does printing, scanning, copying, fax. I'd hate to think that some of that financial information going from scanner to computer or fax
    data between myself and a couple of docs might be saved in there somewhere.

    I threw an old Mac out last week, and removed the HD first. Are we all now going to have to look to remove and destroy HDs from our printer-copiers?

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    The reason I only use my at home copiers. They don't get recycled.
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    Didn't know that...
    Thanks for the info...

    Yes folks, another reason to keep your 'butt' off of the copy machine at office parties...
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    Angry Wow........

    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Didn't know that...
    Thanks for the info...

    Yes folks, another reason to keep your 'butt' off of the copy machine at office parties...
    Made me laugh....

    That is scary! Wow!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supertac45 View Post

    The reason I only use my at home copiers. They don't get recycled.
    Hate to break the news to you buddy... What about all the other people who have your information and making copies of routine documents on their computers.

    Your doctor, the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, Your insurance agent, The IRS, your attorney. You getting the picture?

    You can make as many of your own copies on your own personal copier as physically possible, but at some point, someone else has your information and probably make routine copies of that information as part of normal business practices.

    You have no idea how they dispose of their copiers when they replace one. I would say most business, including the government leases their copiers, and they get sent back to the lease company who probably then sells them to the general public as a used and refurbished copier.

    I would think this goes a little deeper than just using your own personal copier to make copies. A great many businesses and government agencies have need to make copies of their clients information and don't even think twice about it. Or have any nefarious intentions.
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