U.N. official blasts the US....

U.N. official blasts the US....

This is a discussion on U.N. official blasts the US.... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The UN. Here is what the 2nd highest ranking official had to say about the US.... Feel free to comment. http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/06/07/us.un.ap/index.html...

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Thread: U.N. official blasts the US....

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    U.N. official blasts the US....

    The UN. Here is what the 2nd highest ranking official had to say about the US....

    Feel free to comment.

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    "Even though the target of the speech was the United States, the victim, I fear, will be the United Nations," Bolton said.
    I sure hope so !!!!!

    This guy may have done us a service - tho heaven knows I still wish that we were nothing to do with the stinkin' UN at all.

    This great country does not need in any way something as corrupt and useless as the UN anywhere near it - and yet we are still incumbered thru involvement over way too many years.

    What does USA do for UN? Way too much. What does UN do for USA? - stab it in the back at every opportunity - with friends like this, who needs enemies.

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    I am just so upset that a senior UN official doesn't like the way the US is treating the UN. Yeah, right! We could solve this little disagreement very quickly. Remove ourselves and our money from the UN. In a few months someone would be able to buy some prime NYC real estate at a great price.

    But the U.S. tendency to criticize the United Nations and to take "maximalist positions," rather than seeking the middle ground, has made other nations suspicious of its intentions, Malloch Brown said.
    They don't need to be suspicious of our intentions. If we get out they don't even need to think about our intentions. They will know them. It is our intention to leave the crooked, arrogant, lying UN and its terrorist buddies to their own devises.

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    I wonder if he would have the guts to say that if...

    someone would investigate the rapes and the pillaging that took place in Africa

    or he was connected to bootleg oil from Iraq.

    I don't care what the UN says. While I'm a little concerned about their play to take the weapons that I don't have They really have never been effective at anything. They blew Korea, have done nothing about Africa other than rape women and children, stole oil from the Iraqi people, and try to saddle the US with the responsibility of bailing them out of trouble all the time. We really need to pull our funding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakotaranger
    (SNIP) We really need to pull our funding.
    ...and tow away every stinking UN diplomatic vehicle for years of NYC parking violation abuses, expel 3/4th's of the UN staff (probably foreign intel agents conducting espionage), and sell the property to highest bidder.
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    Is it the United Nations or UN (as in unamerican)?

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    some prime NYC real estate at a great price.
    To paraphrase the mini-series adaptation of Frank Herbert's DUNE:
    "I've had the girls sand-scrub these walls to within a millimetre of their frames. The U.N. stench is finally gone."
    - Shadout Mapes
    "So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause."
    - Senator Padmé Amidala, "Revenge of the Sith"

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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    What does USA do for UN? Way too much. What does UN do for USA? - stab it in the back at every opportunity - with friends like this, who needs enemies.

    Well said


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    An unAmerican,unGodly and ungunly u.n.offical is voicing his opposition at the way the U.S. does things ?

    I'm SHOCKED I tell ya...SHOCKED !!!

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    "You have to engage to help make this institution a better institution," Malloch Brown told reporters. "And you need to engage, if I dare say so, with your own public opinion to explain better why the U.N. matters to American interests."
    I don't believe that the UN does matter to American interests at this point and I'm not real sure they ever have....
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    Withdraw from the U.N. Expell the "diplomats." Impound the vehicles of offenders. Sell the vehicles at auction, and use the proceeds to feed the hungry. I understand that a great many of those vehicles are high-end luxury cars, and would take in quite a bit of money. Take over the U.N. building, and turn it into low-cost housing. Same for the residences of the "diplomats." They won't need them, having been expelled. The money we save in not bailing out the EU.N. from it's own debacles could be put to good use in schools, civic programs or even border security. So many possibilities...

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