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This is a discussion on John Birch Society within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; WHat do you now about the John Birch Society.I briefly explored their web site, and they seem to have some good views....anti-UN, anti-illegal immigration, pro-gun, ...

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Thread: John Birch Society

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    John Birch Society

    WHat do you now about the John Birch Society.I briefly explored their web site, and they seem to have some good views....anti-UN, anti-illegal immigration, pro-gun, etc. I am considerinh joining after I do some more research.

    Are they a good organization or are they in the aluminum foil hat/black helicopter crowd?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The John Birch Society

    is pretty close to what our Founders believe. They aren't kooks, unless it's a George Soros fan that is looking at the group.

    Although, the Federalist Society probably would be safer after I read some of the other posts
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    OK, here's my unsolicited position on life and relations with the world...

    I avoid (like poison) all the crumbsnatchers, all the haters, all the venom peddlers out there, the fear mongers and those who divide by hateful speech. Which means..

    I don't ever want to associate with the Black Panthers, nor the Aryan Brotherhood

    I don't go to KKK bund meetings and I don't go to Jewish Defense League rallies or Million Man Marches or party with Calypso Louis Farrakhan. Rev Al Sharptongue will never get my vote, but then again, neither will EGore or Kerry.

    Middle of the road for me. Those who feel that they stand taller by stepping on top of others, just don't get a return call from me. I believe that ALL men are pretty much the same. The white man worries about his mortgage, his health and his kids.. the same as the black man does. We all have the same marital issues that nag us day and night, we all love our family and all have the same worries keeping us up.

    I don't believe that others, as a group, are plotting my destruction. They have their OWN problems to deal with. Sure, there are terrorists who want me dead, but that is the problem of the military and the police intelligence to deal with. If my one stupid neighbor really wants to pee in my cereal, then it's HIS problem 'cause my doors locked.

    Where the John Birch Society fits in all this... I have no clue.

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    Never been a member or don't know anyone that has.

    At one point in my military career after just reporting in at a new command,I was filling out the paperwork for another TS/Crypto clearance. The JB society was one of the groups that was a "no-no". IIRC that was at the end of the war so maybe they were a little outspoken. That was back during the daze of Timothy Leary and that bunch.

    They have been around for quite some time. Don't know what they stand for or any of their beliefs. ---------

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    RSSZ..... Yep, I remember that when applying for my TS/Crypto clearances back in 1959-1963 USAF Comm Spec. Others were the Communist Party of America, (cant remember the others). The list was pretty long from what I recall.;

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    Yep John,it was long indeed. I remember thinking,"gawd, I hope I don't belong to any of these." I remember looking more than once for the NRA. I was affraid I would see that it made "the list".

    I remember that someone once said that it was "illegal" for us to buy a ticket to the Irish Sweepstakes also. WOW !! --------

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    My recollections of the JBS are very old and very negative - nothing more than a haze. It'd be interesting to see if they've window dressed the old messages, or have substantive changes. My quick read did not encourage me.....
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    I was just talking about "The List" with a co-worker (veteran) a few weeks ago, and yes I surely recall the John Birch Society being on that list. I've held clearances for 35 years and avoid any organization that isn't strictly Mom and Apple Pie.
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