Looking for used car warranty

Looking for used car warranty

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Thread: Looking for used car warranty

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    Looking for used car warranty

    Anybody know about them? Economical...good value...reputable. I can dream, right?
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    Yep. I don't know of a single used car warranty that is very good.

    Personally, I don't have over $5000 in any of my cars, and just employ a good mechanic. it's a lot cheaper than a car payment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    Anybody know about them? Economical...good value...reputable. I can dream, right?
    Yeah, Look up US Fedelis. Look under SCAM.

    These crooks are based here in St. Louis. The company was started by an ex-con and his brother. They grew into a huge operation with over 1,800 employees. One of the brothers built the largest house in the County with money he skimmed from the company. The house is something like 40,000 square feet, $25,000,000 or so.His brother's house in Florida is only about 20,000 square feet. I think they bankrupted the company. It might still have about 100 employees left, mostly bean counters and clerks trying to find records for the courts.
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    Never Met One That Wasn't a CHEAT

    These are really questionable.

    First, they are not "Warranties", they are "Service Contracts". Big difference;

    Second, the "Fine Print" kills you. The exclusions and exceptions will exclude and except all repairs;

    , they'll fight every seal, tube of sealant, washer, nut, turbo charger, tube of grease. You'll go crazy fighting them;

    Fourth.........Just a bad business model.........

    Take the $$, put in it savings and self-insure.

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    Buy a quality used car. My minivan still had a 5 year 60 thousand mile warranty on it when I bought it.
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