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Glocks vs. 1911's

This is a discussion on Glocks vs. 1911's within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; 1911s naturally point much better than Glocks but, Glocks are Modern technology 1911s are ancient history but the trigger is much better on a 1911 ...

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Thread: Glocks vs. 1911's

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    1911s naturally point much better than Glocks but, Glocks are Modern technology 1911s are ancient history but the trigger is much better on a 1911 but Glocks are much more reliable but 1911s can be customized and Glocks are Cookie-Cutter stamped out guns "seen one you've seen them all" but 1911s need a lot of modifications and tweaking to be as reliable as a Glock but, Glocks feel like you are holding a block and they are not very ergonomic but 1911s have too many parts and Glocks are beautiful in their simplicity but, my 1911s are totally reliable but no firearm functions better than a Glock right out of the box but 1911s are more time tested and battle-proved through major world wars but you can't put them into the dishwasher like a Tupperware Glock and the Glock factory sights are better than on a traditional 1911 which is too heavy to carry every day but I LIKE the additional Thumb Safety on a 1911 but I might forget to flip it off when I really need it but Glocks are safe without having a Thumb Safety just keep your booger picker off the bang switch that I can't get used to on the Glock because NOTHING can compare to the short crisp trigger on a 1911 "it's the trigger stupid" which is beautiful because there is just something beautiful and more satisfying about an all steel gun which cannot compare to the toughness of polymer in a Glock that goes "bang" every time the trigger is pulled except for those early Glock Ka-Booms that have since been fixed but I hate the pathertic slide release on a Glock but it not a slide release and you should slingshot the slide on a Glock anyway which is perfect just the way Gaston designed it so you never need to do anything to a Glock the way you need to sink all kinds of money into a 1911 which really also functions just fine right out of the box the vast majority of the time and just looks so great because of those beautiful custom grips that you can't put on a Glock which is extra great because there are no grips to ever shoot loose on those Glocks which are all fantastic except for the Glock 36 which is now also fantastic even though the capacity is not any better than the single stack 1911s which make the grip on a double stack Glock feel way too fat which I don't know why anybody would ever need that many rounds...statistically...anyway but, I'd rather have more rounds than I need than not enough and any average size hand can get used to the Glocks anyway & 10,000 Police Departments can't all be wrong even though some are moving back to the 1911 but let's talk about double strike capability and give me a 1911 or a Glock over a Glock or a 1911 any old day and given the choice I would MUCH RATHER carry a 1911 or a Glock.........................

    I could go on & on for about three days with one incredibly LONG run-on rambling sentence and cover it all to the degree that nobody would ever need to post a Glock VS 1911 thread ever again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I laughed pretty hard at the "so is God" quote. :)
    Me too. That was great.
    64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

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    It's all good until you get to the line about God. You should'nt mix God and the Government (model)
    Light travels faster than sound...thats why some people appear bright before they speak

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