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This is a discussion on Fired today! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Congrats on the new job and upcoming move! I tried landing a gig in Indiana before heading to Iowa but nothing panned out. Hope all ...

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Thread: Fired today!

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    Congrats on the new job and upcoming move! I tried landing a gig in Indiana before heading to Iowa but nothing panned out.

    Hope all works out well, I know moving can be a huge ordeal.

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    Congrats on the job

    For the old job I would not have done or said anything. I would have let that guy dig himself out of the **** hole he created. To stoop to his level is exactly what he wanted. Leaving with a smile and wave is all I would have done.
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    That's awesome. It's nice to hear it end well. ...Say good bye to bad rubbish! Congrats!
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    this is one more reason I work for myself.

    I got 10 bucks that says---if you just walked in and resigned, the "boss" would have wigged out, claiming you were leaving him in a bind....blah,blah,blah.


    Let it go, move on. with all the folks out there looking for work, the jerk will fill your (former) position in no time

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    Good luck with the move Mike, I hope everything works out for you at the new job
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    Good luck Mike, I hope things are better back home in Indiana.

    This hasn't happened to me but I see it happen a lot. I tell people if they are taking a new job to ask their future employer if it would be possible to start immediately. Tell them you want to give your current job notice, but if they just tell you to leave can you you start earlier.
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    First congrats--glad it worked out for you.

    Second, isn't it just sad that so many employers won't reciprocate or appreciate acts of common courtesy.

    They expect "loyalty" but give none in return. They expect to be able to fire on a second's notice, but will be offended if you don't give them notice and leave them in the lurch.

    I'll offend the libertarians and some of the corporatists who lurk here, but we need much stronger statutory protections for labor. Two weeks notice both ways and two weeks pay if the employer kicks you out for resigning seems fair enough to me. Frankly, if employers knew it would cost them two weeks pay to fire someone we'd have a more stabile employment rate and the taxpayer would save a bundle propping up the unemployment insurance programs.

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    Congrats, Sir! Glad you're happy and excited!
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    Sometimes sour grapes can make a really good wine.

    Best of luck in your new location and position.


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    @ Wits' End

    Congrats on the new gig!

    I had a friend comment one time on how his boss treated his own wife (the boss' wife).

    He said, "If he'll treat her like that, imagine what he'll do to me."

    I have never forgotten that. People tell you an awful lot about themselves by how they treat the people around them. This boss has proved himself again--you are better off without him.

    God speed.
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    Seems to me, by the content of their letter, that they didn't fire you, they just let you go without the 2 week notice. Looks like "if" there was any writing on the wall, you beat them to the punch.

    Good for you. Congrats on your new position. Sounds like you'll be much happier back home at the new job.
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    I had a boss like that once.

    I am glad that you are away from him and going home to a better job.
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    One person's loss is often another's gain. You have your priorities straight. Good luck in Indiana.

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    Who's Indiana Mike?

    Just kidding. Welcome back to the midwest.
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    Good luck on the Indiana job, I hope things work out for you.

    Your Memphis job must have had some downhill managerial changes; they were pretty good to you a few months back?
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