What's on the grill today? (raw pork at 5 AM just ain't right)

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Thread: What's on the grill today? (raw pork at 5 AM just ain't right)

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    Don't forget the cheap beer, in cans!
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    Pretty much a replay of what Savage has going on. Big BBQ for a cousins step daughter graduating high school this afternoon. Same kind of food, same kind of conversation, same kind of setting. Just several hundred miles further south.

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    Ticks and chiggers and too many dogs.......tra la tra la. It's like a good cw song. Looks like you have the Fun Dept covered today!!

    p.s. I'm making spagetti with hot italian and chicken/pepper/onion sausage. Not enough dogs around here but I do have strawberries and we are going to clean pistols and revolvers before we pop open the cheap wine.

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    Hey! If we all bring some "cheap beer in cans" does that mean we are all allowed to come to your BBQ / Mega-Grilling Adventure?!?

    It does indeed sound "inviting"!
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    Gonna lite the grill in about 25 min. Gotta burn a couple of rib eyes and eat early so "yes dear" can go to church. We just got out of the pool and shower and I had a few minutes to do my second favorite thing, think about my next gun. Enjoy your BBQ.

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    Bratwurst-the first ones I've had in about a year-and they were wonderful!
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    Just put some venison on the grill.
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    Grilled two small pieces of lamb arm. If I had enough time I might have made Lamb Vindaloo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkrazy View Post
    This is two posts I have read about grilling today. I had chow at the DFAC. I cant wait to get back home and have a day like you just described. You all have fun today!
    Just come home and I'll buy
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