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Plasma or LCD??

This is a discussion on Plasma or LCD?? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Thanks guys....One of my concerns is shipping...i.e. will the TV survive movers?...Plasma doesn't have a good durability reputation....thoughts?...

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Thread: Plasma or LCD??

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    Thanks guys....One of my concerns is shipping...i.e. will the TV survive movers?...Plasma doesn't have a good durability reputation....thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    Thanks guys....One of my concerns is shipping...i.e. will the TV survive movers?...Plasma doesn't have a good durability reputation....thoughts?
    Most LCD/Plasma shipping boxes are made to be reused , so be very
    careful how you take it out of the box so you can save it.
    Most have plastic locks in the bottom half that you remove and
    can reinstall when you move it from house to house.
    Outside of that you should not have any trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by packinnova View Post
    I stand corrected. But in my defense I did specify mine was older.
    I know, and I don't dispute what you said about an older set. Burn in used to be an issue but with modern screens and electronics it's pretty much a non-issue.

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    The correct answer should be: None of the above. Here are the facts. A plasma screen has a great picture, blacker blacks than a LCD. But...The screen is shiny and so it is subject to a lot of reflections from the room. Best viewed in a dark room. Also, plasma screens degrade over time and lose some of their blacks.
    They also put out a lot of heat, and consume more power.

    An LCD screen has less glare since the glass is a more textured surface. So it is better viewed in a room with windows or in daylight.

    My choice would be the new LED which has the best of both worlds, very black blacks, and a fast refresh rate. (fast motion doesn't make the picture freeze for a moment.

    Whatever you get will be light years ahead of a tube.
    I'd only consider a resolution of 1080p because that's the direction programming is going. Right now HDTV is either produced in 1080i or 720p.
    i means interlaced, the screen writes the odd lines and then writes the even lines. That way there is less jitter as perceived by the eye. p means progressive meaning it scans line 1, then 2, then 3 all the way down to the bottom. If it can scan faster, your eye can't tell. Get the best of both worlds, 1080p.
    It's hard to judge in a store because customers have messed with all the TV's.
    Do some research, don't buy last years model unless you know it is good.
    Technology is changing very fast.
    I have a Sharp Aquos, but I would have bought a Sony, Samsung, or LG. Cost vs. quality was the deciding factor.

    I wouldn't buy a set based on it having 5 HDMI inputs vs. 3, or whether it can be connected to a computer. Your requirements may vary.

    And by the way, if you are in a big city, rabbit ears work just fine for HDTV over the air. Don't feel you gotta' have the priciest package from your cable or satellite provider.

    Make sure that you have audio outputs, so you can connect the TV to your stereo for big sound. If you only watch movies, the DVD player will have it's own audio outputs. Over the air broadcasts like football will have great audio you can get into your stereo or surround.

    My 4 cents (too long for 2 cents.)

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    The new LED are your BEST bet, but also going to be most expensive, so it depends on your budget.

    If between LCD/Plasma, I'd go plasma. I bought a 50" plasma 1080p last year when I got back from Iraq as my welcome home to me gift. I heard the warnings about glare. Mine sits in the den with giant glass doors right next to it, and I've not had much, if any issue. The room certainly does not have to be dark in the least. Normal blinds or curtains pulled to, if there happens to be a window shining right on the TV, should be plenty.
    The new ones don't burn in. You may get a burn in-like shadow if you leave something paused to long, but it will fade away after a few seconds of motion. I only get it if something really bright is left paused for several minutes, and like I said, it fades quickly once you hit play. One of the other reasons I got the plasma, is the hard glass front seemed to me a better option with a three year old who can reach dirty hands up to it, as opposed to the soft LCD screen. So, age of your family might play into it.
    I can't speak to moving it. I'll find out during the next PCS. I'd recommend getting accidental damage protection for whatever version you buy. If the store doesn't offer it, try, they insure almost any electronics against accidental damage (a must IMO with little kids).
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    Have both, either one would be fine.
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    I researched and bought a new TV last week. I looked at plasma and the picture is good, but it does use more energy, and does put out more heat at least in larger sizes. When it came down to dollars, the price difference wasn't there. Using more energy over a 5+ year life brought the cost closer. The clincher was the warranty pricing so much higher for plasma. The industry is going LED/LCD so why not go with it. Techs will be up to date and parts available.

    As for the LED thing, I didn't see TV's using LEDs for the picture, but only for backlighting. This is important, LCDs provide color but not light and require backlighting to project color into the room. Backlighting comes in florescent, Side LEDs and full matrix LEDs (sitting right behind each LCD). Pricing is less, more, and outrageous in that order. Florescent burn out and are expensive to replace. They say you will never replace one but not sure about that. LEDs are rated for very high longevity and use less energy.

    Beyond that, 60Hx is good enough up to 40", 120Hz into low 50's, 240Hz above that. From what I gathered, they all are 60Hz with software doing a smoothing thing to rate above that.

    Finally, My last TV, a 40" 325lb CRT by MTS lasted 14 years until a power surge by PG&E took it out. The one before that lasted 17 years. Everything I've been told is that the new sets last 5-7 years and they aren't worth repairing. That's why I got the 4 year warranty and will replace it after that. My point is I advise against spending $3000 - 4000 on a set. Even if it lasted longer, technology will make you want a newer one long before it dies of old age.

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    Biggest problem I have with Plasma is the reflection. If you have any light (window, light source, etc.) behind you while watching TV it will show in the Screen. Don't know a lot about LCD's yet except that they are 'very nice'.

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    Daughter has Plasma, I have LCD, her 3 year old plasma has lost some of its brilliancy over time and that is normal, if you want real big then go for a high def LCD mirror projector, then you can just go for a 10' screen in your home theater room....
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    LCD lasts longer then Plasma, cuz they burn out quickly and lose their contrast.
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    I would go LED if its an option, but out of LCD and Plasma I would go with the LCD. They have come far in the "blacks" and last longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkrazy View Post
    I know you just got to Ger, but if you plan on keeping the TV when you move I believe the movers are really against moving plasma. I think it is because they are more delicate and of course if it gets broke they have to pay. That was the deciding factor when I bought my new TV.
    This is true. The chances that you will ruin a plasma in a move is pretty high. And, they are heavy.

    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    Thanks guys....One of my concerns is shipping...i.e. will the TV survive movers?...Plasma doesn't have a good durability reputation....thoughts?
    While I buy almost everything else online, I would not buy a large screen TV online. If I ever have a problem I want to be able to walk in the store I bought it from and give them a rash if it had a problem upon installation.

    Quote Originally Posted by yankeeman View Post
    I would go LED if its an option, but out of LCD and Plasma I would go with the LCD. They have come far in the "blacks" and last longer.
    Absolutely. LED, LCD, plasma, in that order. When we bought ours (at Best Buy) I had it all figured out what I was going to buy. The Toshiba had the best picture and color of any that they had other than the highest end Sony and it was a LOT higher....
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    Plasma and LCD are old school.

    3D LED is the new generation technology. (3D as in three dimension)

    In the next couple years they will be broadcasting 3D movies like Avatar and other special programs over the air.

    Samsung LED & 3D LED Televisions
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    As others have said... LED is the way to go, IMO. I have LCD's they are great but get warm and are back lit with tube type lights. LED's stay cooler and do not rely on what' essentially a "lightbulb". Plasma tends to be a heavier thicker product...can burn images into the screen if left on too. LED's are now comparable in price to the others and me thinks this is the way the standard will go.

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    If you can afford the new LED, i'd go with that.

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