Excellent Range Day...

Excellent Range Day...

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Thread: Excellent Range Day...

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    Excellent Range Day...

    Well I got back from the range and I had fun today! I got to Shoot all of my guns and even fired a few rounds out of an M1 too!

    I've got to get me one of those.

    Had a family join us and the dad had a new Smith and Wesson 40 cal. And the son had a single shot 22 rifle. The son shot the rifle for a while and was a really good shot with it but he wanted to shoot a pistol. The 40 was waaay to big for him so I taught him the basics of the pistol with a proper grip (with the parents permission of course) and he already knew the 4 rules so I lent him my little ole 22 pistol. He had a ball. He couldn't stop grinning...

    The Dad wasn't doing so good with the pistol and he asked me for a few pointers cause I had pistols, so I showed him how to line up the sights and proper stance and he started hitting the paper pretty good. We were all firing from the 25 yard range.

    The Mom didn't like the kick of the 40 (she tried it once). She was just going to sit down and try not to be bored when I offered her the use of my 380 I just got and I didn't think I was going to get it back.

    She was a little scared of it cause the 40 kicked pretty hard for her, so I shot it first to show her the recoil was very mild. Well after a few mags she told dad that she would really love to get one of these. Then she wanted to shoot something a little bit stronger so I pulled out the Taurus PT 92 9mm. I thought I was going to have to run to the truck and get me a pair of pliers to pry her fingers off of it.

    She loved that one tooooooo...

    Dad tried the SKS and now he couldn't stop Grinning from ear to ear. I think they had more fun than anyone at the range today.

    They asked about a CCW and I told them where to call to see when the next time they are holding classes. They seemed very interested.

    They thanked me about every ten minutes for showing them little pointers and for lending them something different to shoot. They really didn't want to go and rent something they didn't like or was too big.

    Now I'm home with a bunch of very dirty guns and a smile that I did something worth while today and probably got some more sheep out of the flock. LOL...

    And no you cannot help me clean my guns,,, Their mine! Alllllll mine!!!

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    Me? Help clean someone else's guns? Nah - no way
    Dad tried the SKS and now he couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear.
    It happens

    Glad you had such a fun day - it will I predict be one you'll remember fondly many years hence.
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    Great range day - its neat you shared so openly, and it even sounds like you might have started someone on the path to CC!
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    Good job.
    One shot. One kill.

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    I have a ball taking people to the range with me. I always get asked because everyone that knows me knows I have a bunch of different stuff to shoot. What is most surprising is the amount of women that are really interested in learning but they say they cant find anyone to show them the basics. Its always a great feeling taking someone new to the range and watching them have a great time. I think one of the best was teaching my mom to shoot my mossberg 500. She was crazy for hip shooting it with the pistol grip(collapsable stock on it). I showed her the more accurate way as well. Thats was a good day.

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    Alright! it sounds like you all had a really good time! thats what its all about!


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    Very well done!

    Sounds like a little bit of your time and generosity gave these people a day they won't forget
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    I would take the M1A2 over the M1. :-)

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    Sounds like a good time, thanks for sharing!

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