A friend on Facebook posted the picture of the sign in the front yards that say to the effect of my neighbor doesn't have guns, therefore I won't use mine to protect him. She is pro gun as one of her sisters is married to a DEA LEO and her her other sister's husband died in Afghanistan.
For your consideration, I thought I would post the comments thereof.

The first two comments are mine, the third is her friend's the fourth is her's and the fifth is mine. Suggestions, comments etc.?

Hey, if you don't want to take responsibility for protecting you and yours, then, I won't interfere!!!!
When seconds count, cops are only minutes away!
The funny thing about this is that the person referred to in the sign tried to get the city to force the gun owner to take down the sign. It is fully legal and within city ordinances. There is nothing that could be done about it!!!
...sorry, but the other side of this coin...when his four year old grandchild finds his gun and accidentally shoots himself with it, I guess I should refrain from calling an ambulance for him...
My friend:
I know your beautiful heart Eve. Unfortunately all of mankind does not show such love and mercy. Gun locks, gun safes, gun training, when you have children you have to put child locks on cleaning cabinets and, door locks on your car....a four year old finding a loaded gun is "typically" a preventable tragedy...like a life vest and drowning. I ... See Moream sure the neighbor would protect his neighbor or call the ambulance in the event of an emergency...he is just pointing out the contrasting perspective, albeit, flagrantly. I guess I still sit unrested whenever I think upon Tiannemen Square.(sp.?) We never get over the death of a child no matter the circumstances. Now, I find myself praying over all the loved ones whose children have died. I do understand where you are coming from.
I understand your concern and I mean the following from my heart.

I too have kids, but with proper precautions and most importantly, proper education of kids, this doesn't happen. I have firearms and my kids have been raised around them. Most everyone in Montana has them as well and believe me when I say, I have only heard of accidents ... See Morehappening when kids are not taught what a gun is for and what the consequence of playing with them are.
My kids know that guns can kill you. That is the difference. To them, they are not play toys. They understand them and respect them, thus, they have no interest in them as they have a clear conceptual understanding of them.
I personally know MANY people who have both guns and kids and they too have taken the responsibility of being a parent and have taught their kids in kind.

I have taken my 12 year old shooting and as a hunter myself, who uses guns as tools to provide food for my family, as do my friends and millions of people across the nation, my kids understand the purpose of guns and even at a young age understand the responsibility of them.

If you think about it, there are approximately 60 million LEGALLY owned guns throughout the US. It is far more dangerous for a child to get in a car than it is for them to live in the same household as a gun.

I hope this helps you to see a different viewpoint. Guns have saved millions of lives of folks who have legally used them to defend themselves and their loved ones and honestly the vast majority of them never needed to fire them as they were enough of a deterrent by the fact of them being presented defensively.

It is in fact a sad testimony that we as human beings have not evolved past the point of having people for whom lives of others are worthless, but until that happens, I will remain responsible for the protection of my wife and kids and I refuse to lay down if it comes down to taking a life to keep them and myself safe. I pray that this never happens, I really, really do.

But, just as I put on a seat belt every time I get in a car, even though I drive defensively and cautiously. I just cannot control other people and I want to take every chance to come home to my beautiful bride and kids.