This ain't your daddy's unicycle.. U3-X Honda

This ain't your daddy's unicycle.. U3-X Honda

This is a discussion on This ain't your daddy's unicycle.. U3-X Honda within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; YouTube - U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype bosco...

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Thread: This ain't your daddy's unicycle.. U3-X Honda

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    This ain't your daddy's unicycle.. U3-X Honda

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    That's neat, but is it able to compensate for recoil?
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    Thats neat... but I think the population is much to fat now. Wait until we don't have to walk around at all.
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    That's better for Granny than a Racsall.

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    Brtween a gsw on the right and a motorcycle on the left, my knees are about toast...

    I want one.

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    Puts a segway to shame!

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    Awesome. We can add another item to the list of RAH's inventions. He described all of this stuff decades before any of it actually existed.

    Automatic light switches in The Man Who Sold The Moon

    Hand dryers in Coventry

    Drafting software in The Door Into Summer

    Cell phones in Space Cadet, and Assignment in Eternity

    Moving walkways in Space Cadet, Beyond This Horizon, and The Roads Must Roll

    Photovoltaic panels in The Roads Must Roll, and Coventry

    Waldoes in Waldo

    Screensavers in Stranger In A Strange Land

    The San Francisco-Oakland BART Transbay Tube Citizen of the Galaxy

    Waterbeds in Double Star, Stranger In A Strange Land, Beyond This Horizon, and Waldo

    Keyless entry, and remote start in The Number of the Beast

    Online newspapers in Beyond This Horizon

    And now, the "Tumblebug" he described in The Roads Must Roll is reality.


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    Now if they could only merge this thing with the Gold Wing Motorcycle, I could have a cross-country unicycle!
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