What the WHAT? Real 'lightsaber' laser that can melt skin??

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Thread: What the WHAT? Real 'lightsaber' laser that can melt skin??

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    What the WHAT? Real 'lightsaber' laser that can melt skin??

    135 ‘toy’ that could blind you | The Sun |Features

    A LASER used as a lightsaber to act out Star Wars movie duels could become a deadly weapon - and officials can do nothing to stop it being brought into the country.
    The 135 Spyder III Pro Arctic has been called the most dangerous laser ever created.

    It has a beam 1,000 times stronger than sunlight and is so powerful it can MELT skin, BLIND users and also cause CANCER.

    It's also claimed it can melt plastic, light cigars and could even dazzle pilots of aircraft up to 45 miles away.

    Safety expert John Colton, director of Lucid Optical Services, called the lasers "horrendously dangerous."

    He said: "This laser could be a very nasty device in the wrong hands.

    "It could be used to give a pilot or motorist flash blindness and cause carnage.

    "And under no circumstances should they be on sale on the internet."

    The laser is 1,000 times stronger than the green laser pointers which are available to the public.

    These lights hit the headlines this week after being shone at Argentina manager Diego Maradona and his players during their World Cup match against Nigeria in South Africa.

    Despite its deadly force, Trading Standards chiefs are powerless to stop it being bought by Brits on the internet.

    Trading Standards' Christine Heemskerk said: "We are seriously concerned about the sale of these products - which should only be for industrial use.

    "But because these lasers are manufactured abroad, there is nothing we can do to stop their sale over the internet."

    The Hong Kong makers of the Wicked Lasers lightsabers say recent technological advances mean the devices are now much cheaper to produce than ever before.

    Their website states: "This laser possesses the most burning capabilities of any portable laser in existence.

    "That's why it's also the most dangerous laser ever created."

    The company website goes on to warn: "Extremely dangerous is an understatement to the power of this laser.

    "It will blind permanently and instantly and set fire quickly to skin and other body parts."

    But it's that element of danger that is proving attractive to laser enthusiasts and Star Wars devotees, claims Mr Colton.

    He adds: "The people selling them are trying to look responsible but I think it heightens their sales to say they are dangerous."

    Despite the warnings, lightsaber fans have been flocking to order their own.

    One laser fan posted online: "I just ordered one. It will be stored in my gun safe because it is about as dangerous as a handgun."

    Britain is listed as one of 70 countries the laser - made by adapting home cinema projectors - can be shipped to and there appear to be no age checks on buyers.

    Read more: 135 ‘toy’ that could blind you | The Sun |Features
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    Are they shipping to the US? What is 135 pounds in $$?
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