Subaru meet utility pole, utility pole meet Subaru.

Subaru meet utility pole, utility pole meet Subaru.

This is a discussion on Subaru meet utility pole, utility pole meet Subaru. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Drove past this a few hours ago. How it happened I have no clue....

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Thread: Subaru meet utility pole, utility pole meet Subaru.

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    Post Subaru meet utility pole, utility pole meet Subaru.

    Drove past this a few hours ago. How it happened I have no clue.

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    That's a pretty rough way to start the day.
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    Could have fallen asleep, DUI, forced off the road, texting, talking on the phone, medical condition, any number of ways.
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    AWD saved the day. Probably would have smashed in 56 pieces if it was a honda or ford.

    haha just being funny I have no idea how AWD would have diverted from hitting the pole if the driver was not paying attention or something else happened.
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    I gave up trying to figure out how crashes happened a long time ago. Some are just bizarre.
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    Pole jumped in front of the car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattInFla View Post
    Pole jumped in front of the car.
    Happens all the time
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    Wanna be Suburu Rally race gone wrong?
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    Our Toyota struck a pole...and it was parked. Some idiot (speeding) ran into the back of our parked (in front of our house) vehicle and pushed it into a pole.
    The girlfriend (owner of the van) decided to slap him while he was speeding. There were two kids in the van. Some people just shouldn't breed.
    Of course they had NO insurance. He is a local drug dealer besides being a idiot.
    So you never know how a car tags a pole.
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