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What do you drive?!?

This is a discussion on What do you drive?!? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Loadedtech Daily driver 03 Ford explorer Sport trac My baby- 1966 Nova wagon 327 cid 3 speed in my avatar . ****Jealous**** ...

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Thread: What do you drive?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loadedtech View Post
    Daily driver 03 Ford explorer Sport trac

    My baby- 1966 Nova wagon 327 cid 3 speed in my avatar.
    ****Jealous**** Just yesterday I saw a gorgeous convertible old Nov. Slammed with some nice wheels on it. Sooo fine! I wish I could have gotten a pic of it. Sky blue and done right!

    A long time ago, high school days, I had a 65 Chevy Chevelle Malibu with the factory Turbo Fire 327, 300HP stock and it had the HydroGlide two speed on the steering column. Great car, I wish I still had it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnklFungus View Post
    Carry a few ignition parts in a grounded metal tool box and you have yourself an EMP proof vehicle!!! What's your number again...
    One of the reasons I love my truck so much is that it can take a beating and keep running, and it is so much easier to work on than newer vehicles. No on board computer or anything to worry about. Just gotta keep a set of tools handy, and parts from any auto parts store in America, and I can keep it running.
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    1982 1/2 ton dodge with 97 ctd installed

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    east TN
    red '95 Saab 92x. only maybe 10,000 of which ~2,000 are red. i love my car.
    great combination of space (ei, can haul dogs and crap on trips) and vroom (yay for turbo).
    its a subaru wrx wagon with some sti parts and a saab sticker on it pretty much
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    2008 Toyota 4Runner (My go everywhere, bug out vehicle. I need to get an off road adventure trailer for it.)
    2002 Dodge Intrepid. (I'd have bought another one if they still made them)

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    2002 Toyota Sequoia
    2004 Toyota Solara

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    Right now a '10 Subaru Outback.

    The one I wish I still had, a 1970 Plymouth 340 'Cuda!! (Dark green w/white interior and Hurst 4-speed.)

    Oldest I ever owned, 1949 Plymouth 4 door, flathead 6.

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    Locked out on a balcony of the Dark Tower...
    2010 Ford Focus Coupe with all the extras.
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    North Georgia
    05 Silverado Extended Cab 4X4.

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    '95 Ford Explorer with a dead suspension, bushings going bad all over the place, little bit of water in the engine, half-dead trans, leaking sunroof (I just fixed it), water damage on the ceiling, dents on the back, with new tyres on the way.

    All that and apart from the blond moments my Explorer has, she still starts up every morning (knock on wood) and keeps on get'n it!. Gotta love American made!
    Semper Paratus

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    07 Chevy Avalanche
    06 Jeep Wrangler
    and my baby, a 74 Toyota Land Cruiser lifted with lockers and a 350

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    West Virginia
    2002 GMC Sonoma extended cab 4wd, with a stepside bed.
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    N. Georgia
    '03 350Z


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    Quote Originally Posted by Back 40 View Post
    and my baby, a 74 Toyota Land Cruiser lifted with lockers and a 350
    I wanna see pics! Spring over or just a mild lift? What size rubber have you stuffed under there?

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    Dodge Magnum (black)

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