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Don't clean your firearm while drunk....

This is a discussion on Don't clean your firearm while drunk.... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Could be a very expensive lesson...losing one's dominant hand is not good. Your friend will be going through lots of medical treatment...sorry to hear that....

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Thread: Don't clean your firearm while drunk....

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    Could be a very expensive lesson...losing one's dominant hand is not good. Your friend will be going through lots of medical treatment...sorry to hear that.
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    painful mistake

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    And I thought Southern Comfort was the best bore cleaner....for me not my guns!
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    Ouch! Not a good day at all. Sorry to hear and I hope he can recover ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoWeBePart1 View Post
    I've pulled the trigger hundreds of times to disassemble my Glock's and have never shot myself. Huge difference between stupidity and knowing your firearm is not loaded and it is ok to pull the trigger so you can break down your gun.
    I agree that he certainly wasn't following basic firearms safety rules, I got those ground into my head by my drill instructors. I've got a S&W Sigma 9mm, which ou have to pull the trigger on to disassemble too, I just don't like that some firearms require that, as it does violate one of he basic firearms safety rules (keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you intend to fire.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccroom View Post
    So I get a call from my friend Thursday night, he asks??? Could you still use your hand if you shot through it with a 9mm? I said, It depends where you hit it at and was it a hollow point? So it turns out his friend was starting to clean his 9mm Glock after drinking and taking meds. He managed to shoot through his left hand, mushroomed and left a silver dollar sized hole on the back of his hand. He shattered bone, hit an artery and hit tendons. Did I mention he's left handed. I said sorry to hear that, he should have not been drinking and on meds while cleaning his firearm, I guess he's going to be a righty from know on. The doctors don't know if he will regain use of his hand. I do have a new respect for the 9mm. The guy also owns a .45 Glock, he's lucky he wasn't cleaning that. The same guy had a intruder break into his house about 4 years ago, he shot and killed the intruder with the same 9mm. He shot the intruder from about 10ft, fired 5 rounds, two hit the intruder in the chest and one in his back.
    It is quite possible that this is why he was drinking. It is no small thing to have killed another human, even if it was justified. We all say it is no big deal, but it is a big deal and some cannot put it in the proper corner of their mind.

    I hate to hear someone getting accidentally shot and hope he recovers quickly.

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    That is what we call a "self-correcting error".

    Seriously. What a nimrod. Sounds like this idiot is not long for this world.

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    Glocks are good and Glocks are great, but still - all the rules notwithstanding - having to pull the trigger to release the slide still makes me uncomfortable, no matter how many times I clear the gun and check it. To me, that's a serious design flaw that "Browning perfection" didn't ignore.

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    Another ND through the hand. Somebody really needs to do a scientific study to find out why this is so commonplace, then design a fix. NDing the hand seems to be a very popular issue.
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