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Thread: Holy Crap!

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    12 ounce curls.

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    Heart beats

    I once had a friend that said " there are only so many beats in the human heart, no point in speeding that up by running"

    My wife and I have finally had enough, and we are sheding the poundage. Im doing Weight Watchers, and like it, and am about to start riding my road bike again, and she...well, she is dieting, and screaming at the kiddos . Kidding....just kidding.

    Looking to shed about 80lbs or so. Sides, im cheap and dont want to buy pants a size larger just to fit a CC weapon in them!
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    Losing weight is really very easy. All you have to do is have a heart attack and a bypass. Presto, instant weight loss. Otherwise, you'll have to push back from the dinner plate, give up the soft drinks, and exercise exercise exercise. Not a hard choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    Am I fat! I went for a bike ride today and, MAN was it hard to lug my lardish self around. I need to drop a few pounds, but more than that I need to get my cardio back to where it should be. OK really, I'm not that fat, but I could stand to lose about 25lbs and get my heart rate up a little more often.

    Any other slackers out there ready to turn over a new leaf?
    BTDT was 325 now I'm 280, and back on my diet and exercise aiming for 225.. and at 59 can outrun most 40 year olds who are mostly all out of shape.....
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    I've been hitting the bike a few times a week and drastically cutting back on the food and alcohol intake as well. I started at 230 a few months back, now down to around 213. Hoping to be below 200 by October, at which point I'll start doing weight training in addition to the cardio.
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    I quit smoking Feb 09, quit drinking 3 years ago, quit seriously working out 4 years ago and let myself get lazy, so I agree with you. I need to get myself a little cardio workout going whether that's walking at night after work with some push-ups/sit ups and such.

    I could lose another 15lbs and drop down to 210.
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    Well, my wife told me that I needed to get a bike to exercise with! So I went to Wheelersburg, OH last Thursday and on Friday I rode my new Harley 500+ miles back home. I feel better already!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
    Well, my wife told me that I needed to get a bike to exercise with! So I went to Wheelersburg, OH last Thursday and on Friday I rode my new Harley 500+ miles back home. I feel better already!
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