safest bank on earth....

safest bank on earth....

This is a discussion on safest bank on earth.... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This sign is posted in every branch of a local bank in town. It was also the most robbed bank in town. They also used ...

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Thread: safest bank on earth....

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    safest bank on earth....

    This sign is posted in every branch of a local bank in town. It was also the most robbed bank in town.

    They also used to have a sign on the door (no pic) saying NO ski masks and NO motorcycle helmets allowed in the branch along with their NO CC signage.

    Sleep secure, depositors!!!!
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    They need to try this one. I bet it works 100 times better.

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    They will never learn.
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    All of our banks seem to have those signs too. It's not because they were recently knocked off, it's because SOME BANK SOME WHERE was and corporate pushed the crap down the pipeline to everyone.

    My mom happens to work at one of the locations that IS on the bad side of town (although I don't think it's been hit since she has worked there)
    She also has a CC permit

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    Some companies will never learn.
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    My bank in Indianapolis has a similar sign. And it has a bullet proof box you have to walk through with a mag-lock on the entrance door, a metal detector, then another mag-locked exit door you have to pass through to actually enter the inside of the bank. It's amazing and it isn't in a real bad area of town.
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    Conditioning the masses.

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    safest bank on earth....
    My pocket. Who cares about interest? Mine never stays in the bank long enough to worry about interest. It's just a place where I can have my paycheck automatically deposited. I avoid going into the bank personally if possible. I always have my CC in the drive through. Would you rather your bank be safe, or you while you're there. Some of my local branches have signs denying entry with a weapon. I don't carry a weapon under the intent of the law....what I carry is an insurance policy of my own, and one that will pay off long before a claim can be made. Know your state laws and requirements for signage. One case you might be able to use the laws to your advantage and quit worrying about technicalities. That's what I do here in the homeland, and I don't feel a bit guilty nor out of place, because I know my rights and the laws where I am. No gray areas for me. It's all in black and white.

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    Banks are not forbidden in Delaware. I have yet to see a sign at a bank here?
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