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A fond remembrance of Firecrackers as a kid

This is a discussion on A fond remembrance of Firecrackers as a kid within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by DaveH Here's the one I had [and still have packed away some where]. Mine was/is a one shot at a time sort ...

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Thread: A fond remembrance of Firecrackers as a kid

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveH View Post
    Here's the one I had [and still have packed away some where].

    Mine was/is a one shot at a time sort of breach load of a small spoon/scoop of calcium carbide between each shot. If I remember correctly the 15FC had a charger to allow multiple firing.

    And mine didn't cost $40 back then either.
    I had the one with the charger and it was always getting gunked up and the plunger would jam.

    The one you have is better since you open it after each shot. I had to open the back (firing mechanism) after each shot or there wouldn't be enough oxygen in the darn thing to give off the "BIG BANG"... lol

    My cannon and a couple of crumpled toothpaste tubes of "Bangsite" are long gone.. Love the smell of funky acetylene gas...
    If I can remember it was in the $20. dollar range.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    Ah yes - If you learn to watch the fuse on a bottle-rocket, you can time it so that as you throw it in the air, it will launch mid-air fairly consistently. Of course, the real fun is when you time it wrong .

    If my dad weren't in the hospital, we'd be lighting up the sky tonight. Happy 4th everyone!
    Oh yes!!!! I've had them chase me and others around the yard. Then we got brave and started holding them at arms length between out thumb and finger and intentionally launching them at each other. WOHOOOOOO!!!!!!

    One of my best stories was when we had finished for the evening. Our neighbors had been in bed for an hour or so when my dad pulled out a couple big packs of firecrackers. We grabbed a tin tub from the building and started tieing all the firecrackers together into one big string. Then we snuck the tub-o-firecrackers over to the neighbors and strategically placed it right under the ground floor master bedroom window! Ever hear firecrackers reverberating out of a tin tub? By the time it was over the neighbor was out on the porch screaming, most of the lights in the neighborhood were now back on, and my entire family was rolling in the front yard laughing!
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    I had the small one like yours stashed in my locker in high school. Every once in a while I would fire off a "shot" and it echoed down those smooth hallways. Man, they were looking for me! We also used to take the shot out of .410 shells, tape a BB over the primer and drop them down the 6 foot square stairwells from the third floor. Better effect, but more chance of getting caught.

    I had a Vespa motorscooter and had put eye screws into the floorboards. A bottle rocket's stick (or sometimes larger) slid through them on either side. My buddy would ride on the back with a cigar and touch off the fuzes when the "enemy" was in sight.

    Can't figure why I'm not in jail right now! LOL

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    We used to take lady fingers and sink them into holes drilled in apples, then launch them up in the air over the local thoroughfare when there were cars coming to watch them explode and drop applesauce on the windshield of the oncoming cars.

    WOW were we some dumb kids! Fortunately, noone was hurt... and it was kinda fun, hehehe
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