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No trespassing signs.

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Thread: No trespassing signs.

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    Don't have the poster but saw one once that had a picture of a 1911 and under it "Trespassers, can you run faster than 850FPS".
    When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
    "Don't forget, incoming fire has the right of way."
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    My neighbor has a laminated pistol target with 12 holes in or near the bull. Underneath he wrote " 30 foot ammo dump 9mm. No room in this house is over 25 feet. Welcome anytime!" He puts it on his front porch. You can't see it from the road.

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    There is a guy in our community that has a sign on his property that reads, "If you can read this, you're in range"! Folks from our Church have been hesitant to visit there. LOL!
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    And the ever popular "We don't call 911"
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    Thanks y'all. As for the sign warning people I have a gun, this is for land owned by my inlaws. They let me hunt and go over the property when ever I want to keep an eye over it, as they live about 15 miles away. It's over 20 miles from where I live.
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    "Warning: Lead Contamination"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zsnake View Post
    This brings up a "quandary" in my life.

    When we had a burglar alarm installed it came with two signs and posts to put out. I didn't. My theory is "Why warn them?" If the snallygastards know you have an alarm, they will just be more cautious....probably learn to defeat it. My wife thinks we should have posted the sagns to deter the criminal element.

    What are your thoughts?????
    Well the signs on the fence just say "no tresspassing"

    but the little signs on our doors say "beware of dog" with a pic of a Doberman --- if they only get bit inside the house then they got off lucky. My dogs are not likely to bite, but THEY don't know that.

    ... so I think yes I would put out the alarm signs, especially if your neighbors have signs.

    My parents don't have signs for their alarm, but several of their neighbors do, and their house is also the "richest" looking one on the street --- it gets hit all the time. (SO OFTEN that if I were them I'd call in to work and sit on the roof to play sniper....but that's just me)

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