Cotton Mouth (Graphic)

Cotton Mouth (Graphic)

This is a discussion on Cotton Mouth (Graphic) within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Shot the snake this past evening with the PM9 and the P380. Both guns were loaded with Hornady Critical Defense ammo. I didn't have enough ...

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Thread: Cotton Mouth (Graphic)

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    Cotton Mouth (Graphic)

    Shot the snake this past evening with the PM9 and the P380. Both guns were loaded with Hornady Critical Defense ammo. I didn't have enough time to go get the shotgun, so I had to make do with what I had on me. The two shots by the head were with the .380.

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    Round eyes indicate that it is probably a water snake.
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    I think that you killed one of those dangerous garter snakes...
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    That is not a cottonmouth or even poisonous you murderer.....LOL

    seriously, snakes like that are your friend man. Let them be, they do way more good than harm.
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    That's no pit viper.
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    If I remember my snakes that's a Pilot Black snake, notice the keeled scales.

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    Definitely "NOT" a Cotton Mouth!

    The round pupils, missing "pits" and lack of the "white" lining of it's mouth (that gives the "CottonMouth" it's name), tells me this is just a water snake.

    However, it is a common mistake to mis-identify this species.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agave View Post
    That's no pit viper.
    a poisonous snake would have a larger head than its body to accommodate for venom glands.
    +1 not a pit viper
    -1 for killing the harmless
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    Well one thing for sure, while the debate of identity goes on, this one will neither bite anybody to death nor scare anybody to death. LOL!
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    Good shooting man I dont think the species is endangered

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    That wasn't a poisonous snake:

    Round eyes= Not poisonous
    Cat-like eyes= Bad, poisonous

    Although I have a deep profound hate for all snakes.... I've still failed to see one to call out: "Here snakey snakey... let me check out your eyes before shooting you..."

    For me:

    Good job!
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    Here's a cottonmouth:

    The pattern can sometimes look as rust colored & as well defined as a copperhead. They can also have a less distinct pattern & be much darker all over.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cotton Mouth (Graphic)-z-usfish-cottonmouth2.jpg  

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    I hope he was at least a good meal...

    BTW...that doesn't look like any cotton mouth I've ever run into...and I ran into a lot in the south.

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    Ouch....not a cottonmouth. Get a good lawyer, cuz his family is gonna drag you into civil court with a wrongful death suit. LOL I'm on your side though. As much as I love all animals...if a snake is not positively ID'd as NOT poisonous, ka-blooooeyy!

    Does anyone know if snake shot will in any way harm or scar the rifled barrel of a pistol? I throw my PM9 in my bag when I mountain bike or go fishing, and i wouldnt mind having some snake shot in there. As long as firing off a few wont hurt the rifling of my barrel.

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    Does anyone know if snake shot will in any way harm or scar the rifled barrel of a pistol?

    Nope, not at all. Shoot as much of it as you want.

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