Free AntiVirus?

Free AntiVirus?

This is a discussion on Free AntiVirus? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Is there a free anti-virus program out there you'd recommend? (Not trial but totally free) If you have one you like - can you copy ...

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Thread: Free AntiVirus?

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    Free AntiVirus?

    Is there a free anti-virus program out there you'd recommend? (Not trial but totally free)

    If you have one you like - can you copy and paste link to it's download in your reply?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I use AVG free.

    The one time that I got infected by a virus, I was using McAfee. After a few frustrating hours getting rid of the virus, I went to AVG free.

    I bought and used Norton for a little while. I paid like $60 bucks for it. It slowed down my computer so bad, and they wanted more money every year, so I got rid of it. Been using AVG ever since.
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    If you are still Army, you can login to AKO and goto self service/ anti-virus and download Mcafee or Norton for home use.
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    Microsoft will scan your computer for free; I'm uncertain if Microsoft Essentials is a free download or not. Check their web site.

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    I put this on many computers works great FREE

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    AVG and Malwarebytes are both free and very good.

    I also recommend Glary Utilities for general cleanup/utility and Auslogics Disk Defrag for a better disk defragger than the Windows one. They are both free as well.
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    I use Avast.
    I like it. It was recommended by the techies at work. I was tired of Norton always wanting more money and slowing things down. Avast updates every time you are on line and it seems to work flawlessly.
    Free download, after 30 days you will have to register (it's free) and after a year, they'll ask if you want to buy, but you can stay free.

    If you have Norton (Symantic) you will have to first download and run the "Norton removal tool" from Norton. Add/remove programs won't get rid of the tentacles of Norton since it gets into the registry. But I ran the removal program with no problem, then installed Avast.

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    I also use AVAST & love it. (note, I AM NOT a "putter expert" but it works far better than "Norton" for me & it is FREE.
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    Don't let them talk you into buying the upgrade AVG Free - Download Free Antivirus Software

    Plus for additon protection I use SpyBlaster I have used this for many years with great results, It just runs in the background quietly and takes no extra system resources.
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    If on the MS Windows platform, Avast antivirus.
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    AVAST for me too. Works great and is free.
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    Malwarebytes should be used along with any other free virus scan. It tends to find bugs others don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopyard View Post
    Microsoft will scan your computer for free; I'm uncertain if Microsoft Essentials is a free download or not. Check their web site.
    Bear in mind that 99% of malicious code is specifically written to exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft products. If at all possible, please try to refrain from relying solely on Microsoft for your security soft ware. There is nothing out there that will catch everything, but AVG is decent, also, check out MalwareBytes. It does not scan automatically, however the free version does scan on-demand and seems to be able to remove most of the nasties I have come across.

    Ultimately, if you want to be virus free, you will need to either spend beaucoup bucks on premium AV software, or move to another OS, like MAC OSX, or one of the many flavors of lynux out there. I am considering Mac myself.

    One other thing, you get alot less exposure to viruses and trojans and worms if you self police your internet activity.

    1) Do not open email from anyone you do not know. Do not even have a preview pane up, that is all that is necessary for embedded code to be run on your unexpecting PC

    2) I am not saying that you look at adult websites, however, they do encompas something like 75% of the intetnet, therefor, it stands to reason that this is the place where the majority of infections begin. especially on any pages that advertise to be free... It isn't worth it, go to the shop at the corner and get it the old way... if that's your thing.
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