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Snoring dog.

This is a discussion on Snoring dog. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Maybe he has sleep apnea. Some dogs do get it but they deny that they have it because they don't want to wear the mask....

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Thread: Snoring dog.

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    Maybe he has sleep apnea. Some dogs do get it but they deny that they have it because they don't want to wear the mask.

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    Mine definitely falls into goober category. My Pit snores like a chainsaw and she runs in her sleep... Not just a little whimper and a leg kick here and there mind you, full on running!

    We've watched her sleeping on the couch. She'll start running in a dream and the next thing you know, she's run herself clean off the couch and onto her head on the floor. She's also done the routine where she's chasing something in a dream and wakes up too early and popped up and ran full bore right into the nearest wall...

    Not the brightest pea in the pod, but she's mine...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tala View Post
    True dat. Last night I was in the bedroom and the Lab was in the living room --- till suddenly I was hit with a WALL of stench!!! If he wanted to go outside that bad, there's a lot nicer ways to clue me in!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Siafu View Post
    I'll take a snoring dog over a farting dog any time. My pooch can drop bombs that stink so bad that they will wake me out of a sound sleep. But she's a lovable gas bag.

    Now ya'll aren't just blaming that on those poor dogs now are you?

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    Cute pup. I think our Boxer dogs win the prize for snoring and gas. He can run us out of the room with the gas. He can make paint peel off the walls with the flatulence.

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    We had a cocker that was bad on gas. Never heard it coming but BAM - it'd hit your nose and almost kill ya.
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    I have a black Labradane. The best (or worst) of both worlds. Terrible gas and she 'sings' when she's playing with the other dog (a mutt) .
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    I think my dog has been trained in chemical warfare......

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    Isn't it amazing that dog food goes in the front and chemical warfare agents come out the back end? I have no idea how they can do that to food...

    We once picked up a stray kitten (8 weeks) from a friend of mine. I have no idea what this little thing had been eating but it had to poop on the way home and ended up going inside the cat carrier. It was so bad that we had to drive the rest of the way home, about 30 minutes, with the windows rolled all the way down. This was in the winter in Minnesota.

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    thought I had the only cat that snores!
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    That position makes my back hurt looking at it!

    Dogs and cats can contort into such weird positons and be just fine & comfortable.

    I just 'sleep the wrong way' and I pay for it in the morning!
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    Our springer, Doc, would start to pass gas, curl around to look and with that, would compress his gut and then the pitch would go higher and louder making him look (ok, and sniff) even more diligently. We would be rolling on the floor by then.
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