Pray for me guys

Pray for me guys

This is a discussion on Pray for me guys within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I've got a 2 week road trip taking me through several New England states including New Jersey and New York city. Destinations include at least ...

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Thread: Pray for me guys

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    Pray for me guys

    I've got a 2 week road trip taking me through several New England states including New Jersey and New York city. Destinations include at least 5 locations that are gun free zones by law. Only 2 of the states I'll be in (North Carolina and Penn) have reciprocity with my Georgia license. Just having my 2 main carry guns is illegal in NY and NJ because they carry more than 10 rounds. OC spray is also illegal. And I'm travelling with my wife and daighter. My SA will be on overload.

    So if you hear any stories of a man valiantly defending his family with a multitool and a large flashlight against multiple armed bgs, you'll know it was me. Because that's all I'll be allowed against bgs that will certainly be armed. Any why? Because they don't follow laws, and I do. And for that I'm punished.

    Why don't laws work for the law abiding? Why do they always seem to favor the lawless?


    -- Luck favors the well prepared.

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    Because we're trying to make everybody equals don't you know!

    Any chance of heading west for road trip! Maybe make a wrong turn before you get too far northeast?

    Either way good luck and be careful!
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    I would try and keep a full tank and "pass straight through" as many of the gun free zones as I could without making any stops and without spending any money in them. Follow speed limits, etc., so you don't give them any reason to pull you over. Good luck on the trip.
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    because bad guys have to eat too and those states like to support the criminal element....

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    Know how you feel.

    I go into these areas on business once in a while and feel down-right naked leaving the toys at home.

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