Just got back to Virginia after a week in Indiana.

Went to visit my Dad and 2 son's. It had been a while since I had been there, was good to see them and visit.

Dad (just turned 91) is a WWII veteran. Tried to get him to finally open up about it. He still won't talk his time in the Army, other than a few things that happened while on liberty. I do know he was infantry and was on I believe 3 or 4 beachfront landings. He did say he was on the initial assault on the Philippines when it was liberated from the Japanese. I remember as a child he would wake up in the night screaming and fighting Japanese soldiers. My step-mom said he has started having nightmares again after many years without them.

Got to spend a day with the youngest son. He's turned out to be a pretty good young man. Was worried about him when he was younger. Was in trouble several times, but nothing serious.

Oldest son was on vacation the same week, so we spent several days together. I had mentioned going shooting while I was there and he was all for it. We went to an outdoor range and between the 2 of us shot up about 700 rounds. He enjoyed shooting my CZ82 and was looking at them as a possible carry gun for when he's out riding his bike. I got to shoot his Ruger P345. While I'm not a big fan of polymer guns, the P345 seems to be a decent weapon. Recoil was manageable, and accuracy was good. I might have to keep it in mind when I start looking for a .45 again.

Only downside to the trip was the visit to the cemetery to visit my middle son. Hard to believe sometimes he's been gone 12 years. Still seems like just yesterday I got the call about his wreck. Of course it's hard to believe he would have been 37 next month.

All in all a pretty good trip, but it's nice to be home again.