reckless/drunk driving promotes... cc permits??

reckless/drunk driving promotes... cc permits??

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Thread: reckless/drunk driving promotes... cc permits??

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    reckless/drunk driving promotes... cc permits??

    WENDY VICTORA: We all hold keys to a dangerous weapon | realize, huge, dangerous - Opinion - Northwest Florida Daily News

    not really... i just thought this was an interresting opinion column followed by a comment to it. this was in my local news paper. finally, someone who's not a fan of guns gets it. but seriously, this has become a very big problem in my area. as well as many others i'm sure. i limit my driving as much as possible. i've come dangerously close to so many accidents it makes me not even want to drive at all. thankfully i live a few minutes from work.

    anywho, i thought you all might enjoy this..

    I am not a huge fan of guns, although I realize that the real problem with weapons is the folks who pull the trigger.

    But Iím lately coming to think that the bigger problem our society faces these days is much more pervasive.

    Not everyone has a gun, but virtually everyone has a car. Itís becoming increasingly clear that there are too many people among us who donít know how to use one responsibly.

    In recent weeks, there have been two high-profile wrecks, with both drivers showing a total disregard for the law and other people on the road.

    In one wreck, an innocent high school girl in another vehicle was killed. In the other wreck, the passenger died.

    I wade through a stack of arrest reports daily that are just as alarming.

    I read about people driving drunk. People driving stoned. There are reports about people running red lights, speeding and cutting off other cars, driving without licenses, driving with open bottles of alcohol between their legs.

    When theyíre pulled over, some run, some lie, some fess up immediately. Theyíre arrested and, in a perfect world, they are taken off the streets.

    But Iím afraid the reality is that many of these drivers end up right back on the streets, and rather quickly.

    There arenít enough jails to hold all of the people who are a menace to the rest of us.

    There arenít enough police officers to arrest them, either.

    And you canít punish someone into realizing that life is precious. You canít make someone care or force someone to have regard for other human beings.

    And it seems you canít teach some people that if they keep going in the same direction, they will pass a point of no return.

    They will do something from which they can never really return. The drivers in those fatal accidents have passed that point.

    Maybe they know now what they didnít in the moments before the accident.

    Maybe they donít.

    And it doesnít really matter because they canít go back and do it again.

    They canít give loved ones back to grieving family members.

    And it keeps happening.

    As Iím writing these last paragraphs, law enforcement officers are looking for a driver who is weaving in and out of traffic, cutting off other drivers and forcing them off the road.

    That driver is one of too many drivers taking a chance with their lives and those of others.

    For those of us who value ours, the only thing we can do is drive defensively, every day, every time weíre on the road.

    Thereís one more thing we also need to remember. As the father of the high school girl told me, ďHug íem and love íem while youíve got them. It may be your last chance.Ē
    now on to what made me really want to post this story, was a comment to it.

    How about a follow up piece on just how many paroled convicts inhabit our county? A little census survey that actually means something for a change. I'l bet concealed carry permits will surge and some of them may chose to relocate someplace else like Chicago or DC. We would all be winners! NOVEMBER!
    made me chuckle a bit.

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    Good article, as a side note the Public Record section of or local newspaper has far more DUI, reckless driving, speeding and other violations than weapons violations, generally any weapons violations are tied to a DUI or drug bust.
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