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Oakland CA no longer responds to minor crimes

This is a discussion on Oakland CA no longer responds to minor crimes within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I got a problem with this. Ignoring the smaller crimes will eventually lead to more serious crimes that eventually leads to a state of anarchy. ...

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Thread: Oakland CA no longer responds to minor crimes

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    I got a problem with this.

    Ignoring the smaller crimes will eventually lead to more serious crimes that eventually leads to a state of anarchy.

    Dont beleive it? Lets look at a few and then examine what is likely to happen...

    The first on the list is burglary. How many people are going to be injured or killed? Someone breaks in your house and you or someone in your family is there. The scuzball that is there....has he been emboldened by the last dozen burglarys that he's done that the cops never repsonded to?

    How about theft? Its happend to you several times and you cant even get the cops to talk to you. You're getting fed up because everytime you come home something is missing. How long are you goint to take it?

    Registered sex offender. Do you care that the next door neighbor that just moved in is a sexual predator? You've noticed him peeking out the window and watching your 4and 6 year old kids while they are playing in the yard. No big deal right?

    How about that loud noise complaint? Sounds simple dont it? Unless you happen to have worked the swing shift and are ready for bed. Except that your neighbor accross the street is having a wild drunk party, complete with car doors slamming, music loud enough to wake the dead, and every mannner of yelling and screaming and grabassing around.

    Extortion? You're kidding right? The neighborhood druggie sees you working in your flower bed and decides that he needs a fix. So he walks up to you and demands money.He wont leave until you give it to him. Do it once to get rid of him and he starts making it a daily occurance. You dont want to deal with it so you become a prisoner in your own house. When you walk out to get the mail, you look over your shoulder and fear that he might be watching. What are you going to do? How much will you take?

    Yes, its brillant thinking by the city fathers. Let the little crimes go, and refuse to beleive that it wont cause bigger ones.
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    All the criminals in norcal will be going to Okaland to shop.

    They always do this. Mismanage budgets then threaten either: public safety or education

    If you dont pay more taxes your kids arent going to be able to get a good education.

    If you dont pay more taxes fire departments wont be able to respond fast enough and your house will burn

    If you dont pay more taxes the police wont be able to respond and you will be in danger

    Just more scare tactics to justify more taxes. Instead of streamlining government and fixing the problem they just jack up taxes and throw more money at it. Happens everywhere. Arizona is pulling that crap right now.

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    Political scare tactics..... for funds, even though they've increased their police force significantly over the last years due to federal funds, ironically under Bush, etc.
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    so this is pretty much an open invitation for criminals to commit those crimes?
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