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    Talking Richmond Liberal

    A true story, from my nephew:

    I'm not supposed to laugh at othe peoples pain, but lets admit, it I'm an awful person:

    So the friend of a friend, Emily, is raising a family including a newborn on a vegan, gluten free, diet. They are living in Richmond. The oldest is about to enter kindergarden.

    Emily decided that the family needed to move to the other side of town. Its the schools... they are public, reasonably well funded, and getting good scores... The problem is that "those people" are SO conservative. She just couldn't let her children be "indoctrinated" in those schools. Have I mentioned Emily is UBER liberal... I bet you didn't guess that.

    The other side of town is much more liberal, so they moved in one of the worste housing markets in living memory. Heaven forbid the oldest should attend a conservative kindergarden. They had all the trouble you'd expect in this market, and I have no doubt they burned some considerable wealth to make this happen.

    This was merely amusing until recently, and here's where I commit my soul to hell for laughing out loud. Emily's husband just got stuck up at gun point RIGHT IN FRONT of their new house. Thankfully he wasn't hurt, but he did get relieved of his wallet. Apparently friends and family are now counciling him to carry a fake/dummy wallet in case it happens again.

    Makes me think of the old cliche, a liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet:)

    I hope they serve beer in hell.
    I just blew my coffee all over the keyboard this morning.............
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    He should carry a fake wallet with a little 380 in it. :D

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    Live and learn...the family will come around after a few more events such as the one mentioned, but I hope no one is physically injured in the process.
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    Interesting diet, I had a GF that was on one of those with sugar also removed. Its actually wicked healthy and helps people with certain diseases a lot. I try to avoid sugar now to. Sorry to hear about the mugging.

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    Oh lawdy! I hope him getting his wallet stolen is the worst that will happen.

    In all honesty, I really did nearly spew my drink all over my laptop, but I feel a little bad...just a little.
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    I was going to try and say something clever but instead, I'll just say that this is better than any education you pay for in the school system. Funny stuff, but glad he's ok............THIS time! The fake wallet may piss someone off and he may get the shank when discovered next time. I would say that the BG knows his territory well and is doing just as expected.
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