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How to use a compass?

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Thread: How to use a compass?

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    Good info, thank you!

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    Somehow I missed my quote A good map should have the correction on it for the difference in magnetic and true north. For very specific uses it would be important, particularly over distance. For basic use, not as much. Particularly if you "shoot off" target intentionally to hit a know physical boundary and backtrack to your destination. Like shoot to the west of a spot to hit a creek and follow the creek to the spot. FYI, the right and left sides of the map are generally related to North. You can lay the compass along the edge of the map and orient them both. It's a starting point at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    Hate to throw crap in the game, but the compass needle will always point to MAGNETIC North. That varies depending on where in the country you are located. Magnetic North is different from true or grid (map) North, I just can't remember what the range of difference in degrees is right now, but it the variance is usually called out on topographic map sheets.
    If I remember correctly, where I'm at, near the west coast, true north is 16 degrees off of magnetic north. So if I were to line myself up and face North according to a magnetic compass, true North would be 16 degrees to my left. It's called magnetic declination.
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