I hate painting

I hate painting

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Thread: I hate painting

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    I hate painting

    Having a nice big deck on the back of the house is great....right up till it needs a new coat of paint. Man, it's hot out there so I decided to take a 30 min. DC break. .
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    After 20 years in the Navy, there isn't much that I hate more than painting. 1 coat for dust, 2 coats for rust.
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    I stand with you on the "I hate painting" thing, Timmy.

    I will do it if absolutely necessary, otherwise, no.
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    I was a house painter for 7 years. Thought I would NEVER finish that darn thing.

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    Just FYI
    If you are painting with Latex/Acrylic paint and need to mask off baseboards and stuff....Try the new FROG TAPE. Amazing tape.
    Much better than even the painters BLUE tape.
    Nothing bleeds under the FROG tape. Sharpest, crispest, tape lines I've ever seen.

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    Make sure you paint all the rocks outside too, that way you have more to paint in the future, therefore increasing your fun.
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    I hate painting too. Takes way too long to get me motivated. Once I get started it's not so bad. I hate plumbing as well, but most times when I get involved in a plumbing ordeal it's more urgent and necessary...otherwise the house might fill up with water or there could be turds on the floor. I play well with carpentry and electricity, but when it all comes right down to it.......if it's an emergency, I've got to take care of it, and I won't sleep until it's done. I have never known any situation where painting might become an emergency ordeal. Scrape that paint off the deck, stain it and then seal it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1 old 0311 View Post
    I was a house painter for 7 years. Thought I would NEVER finish that darn thing.
    Man! By the time you finished that house, you had to start it again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mprp View Post
    Man! By the time you finished that house, you had to start it again!
    Sounds like painting the Golden Gate Bridge.

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    I'm with you.

    I had to paint our 1/2 bath off the laundry room, coming in from the garage.
    Put a base coat of white on this morning; she didn't get a color yet, so we go to H depot, and she says, "ya know I wanted the laundry room painted also. can we do that". We meanin ME. Ummm. not this go around.

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    Why is it that women like to paint and men hate it? It sure isn't fun, and it takes away from more important tasks like hunting and fishing.

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    Ah yes reminds me of ORIs, if it moves salute it if it doesn’t paint it.
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