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I know why lions eat their young!

This is a discussion on I know why lions eat their young! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; "For the younger members there is no greater birth control than a screaming child at 3:30 in the morning!" Between that and changing diapers, I ...

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Thread: I know why lions eat their young!

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    "For the younger members there is no greater birth control than a screaming child at 3:30 in the morning!"

    Between that and changing diapers, I might never go out to the bars trolling for tail ever again. My youngest nephew(3) is much to big for his age, he's slated to be 6'3" and I have to babysit him regularly. changing diapers on this kid is like an episode of COPS where I have do the "arm behind the back" move and sometimes sit on him to just to get his pants back on. Im going to invest in a pair of flexicuffs if he doesnt get his potty training down soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadRunner71 View Post
    Stick with it. Before long you will actually miss this time.

    One time my wife and I were visiting her brother and sister-in-law in Texas, we were on the way home from a day trip to Houston and Galveston from Beaumont. On the way back, my baby girl decided she was DONE with being in the car. I'll never forget the look on their faces. It was so bad we had to stop. They had been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years, now I'm not so sure if they are as determined as they were.

    Hard times dealing with a baby that cries for 3 hours straight at night. You'll miss that once they are able to walk and therefore get into EVERYTHING! (the flipside is they are more fun)

    Hang in there.

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    I'm at the point now that when my 1 year old sleep through the night I wake up and check on him
    A real man loves his wife, and places his family as the most important thing in life. Nothing has brought me more peace and content in life than simply being a good husband and father.

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    Screaming? Is that all? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    My oldest son was born weighing exactly 1 pound, 15 ounces (not a typo) and spent three months in the NICU and it was touch and go at times.

    He's 11 now and just fine.

    Now count your blessings and go have a better day!

    "I practice the ancient art of Klik Pao."


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    ROFLMAO ... in time, you will understand what is meant by a "mother's curse".....

    I hope your kids do exactly the same things you did as a child. And, they do.

    Long story, but my son & his wife had to live with us a time between apartments, etc. ..... and during that time my granddaughter would just give them hell about the middle of the night, and none of them could seem to get her back to sleep. Finally, I would get tired of everyone in the whole friggin family trying and go in there..... and 5 seconds after I would take her, she would be asleep. Then , due to some strange circumstances, I was a single grandfather raising her and her younger brother. She's now 13.... now parents all know what that means. Having been there before, things I would have taken seriously before.... I just laugh about now, because I know what's coming next.

    The "worse" .... was when our son would not sleep (teething) for 3 days solid..... we had NO sleep in that time, even though we tried to do things in shifts. The Doctors, etc. ... nothing they said worked at all. We went over to her parent's house and her grandfather was there, and said " I know how to take care of that" . He took a touch a whiskey, lemon juice and honey ..... and after mixing it...... rubbed it on my son's gums..... and he was asleep within 30 seconds. OMG I wish I had known that one sooner.

    Don't forget your parents and grandparents for advice, and never write off any of the old home remedies, they work.
    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. --- Will Rogers ---
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    Your right guys it's been the best thing that has ever happened to my wife and I. I have waited quite a while to have kids (I'm 36) and I can't imagine my life any other way now. It's completly time consuming and exasuting but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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