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    Sorry about this everyone, but I just need to rant a little bit about somtehing that happened to me today.

    I worked a mid shift lastnight and was headed home after work/briefings (I'm TRYING to move off base- hence the briefings.) A couple of blocks past the base I'm stopped at a stop red light, looking down at something in my car. All of a sudden I hear this humengous bang and I look up in time to watch a small oil tanker turn over. I can already see fuel coming out of the tanks as I kill my engine and set my e-brake. I grabbed my first aid kit out of my truck and am nearly run over by the MSgt. that was in the next car.

    The driver of the Mustang was fine, and we got the guys in the truck out okay. I stuck around until th e police and EMT's got there, gave a statement..."Gee Officer, I'm sorry, but I didnt see the accident, just the truck falling over..." (Which, by the way, in a sort of detached sense is REALLY cool.)

    What really burns me up is that last week we had a Commander's Call where we were told that we are "Ammbassador's of the Air Force" and it was a MSgt. in uniform that nearly ran me over while I was trying to help someone.

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to get off of the soap box now.
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    Not sure about the AF but,when I first joined the Navy,the E-7's and above were not capeable of doing anything wrong. --------

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    Unfortunately it seems people are just getting dumber, and of course what ever they are doing is SOOooo much more important than anything you could possibly be doing!
    (You can have your soap box back now. )

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