Horses fall out of trailer (how does one not notice the wait diff?)

Horses fall out of trailer (how does one not notice the wait diff?)

This is a discussion on Horses fall out of trailer (how does one not notice the wait diff?) within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; BTW: If anyone is wondering I had to spell "weight" "wait" because of character restrictions in the title section.,150502 OLD TOWN, Maine — A ...

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Thread: Horses fall out of trailer (how does one not notice the wait diff?)

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    Post Horses fall out of trailer (how does one not notice the wait diff?)

    BTW: If anyone is wondering I had to spell "weight" "wait" because of character restrictions in the title section.,150502

    OLD TOWN, Maine — A Palermo family heading north on Interstate 95 with their two workhorses early Wednesday, did not notice when they lost the horses near Exit 197, Maine State Police Trooper Josh D’Angelo said.
    I'm posting this because I'm sure at least a member or two does have a horse(s) and you pull them in a trailer and if you do, how would you not notice the complete shift in weight?

    This seems very odd to me but maybe one of you can explain why it might not be so odd to not notice two horses going south as you travel north.

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    Depends on the trailor, A fithwheel No, A ball hitch more likely & size of truck JMO ; )
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    I also find it rather odd that you could lose a horse and not notice.

    I've known of people who's horse's foot fell though the trailer floor and they noticed THAT.
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    Somebody had a very bad day. It really does depend on the truck/trailer combo though. If I'm pulling the barns 45ft 5th wheel trailer with the International I'm not gonna notice a weight shift. If I'm hauling a single or double trailer behind a 1/2 ton chevy on a standard ball hitch your going to feel that bump, the question is will you put it together or right it off and keep going.

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    Welcome to my world. Anyone of the people will find me with these problems. Hitch

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    I feel sorry for the lost luggage.

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    I was hauling a livestock trailer with 13 horses in it that come loose from the truck. The safety chains did thier job. No horses were injured. I was not the person that hooked up the trailer, but do not think it was locked in properly.
    I came around a curve once and there was huge cloud of dust with a truck pulling over. At the bottom of the hill was an upside down two horse trailer. When I got to the bottom of the hill both horses had managed to do the impossible and were standing upright in the upside down trailer. I have never been able to figure out how the horses could get flipped over to thier feet in such tight quarters. The horses did not require medical attention.
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    Stuff happens. Not to hijack the threar too much -- but two different stories but not horse relayed.

    I know of a couple load loses that boggle my mind. One driver was driving a 1/2 T. PU when he lost a mid-size camper on an Interstate and didn't know it until the LEO pulled him -- some miles later. He never knew it was gone until told. Camper was totaled. Highway block with stuff.

    The other was an 18 wheeler, which was hauling a large boat on a flat bed. Somehow the boat, stilled banded tightly to the chocks & cradle was sitting safely upright on the road w/o a tie-down chain in sight w/ the rig nearly a mile away before the driver miss it. The chocks & cradle were worst for wear but the boat was OK.
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    DaveH, a buddy of mine's dad ran over a Ford Ranger with a tractor trailer and did not know it until he was pulled over. He was turning left in the outside lane, and the Ranger was on the inside lane. Highway Hypnosis likely explains some of it. You get so bored driving that you just zone out. You have to be careful out there.

    Whowebepart1, You sure you want to keep driving up there?
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    It said a "horse carrier" which may have been a semi-tractor and trailer.
    I've towed a trailer behind my motorhome and had a blowout on the trailer and never felt a thing. You can't see it in the mirrors, and the rear view camera looked normal. A passing UPS semi gave me the high sign and I pulled over. Nothing but the rim and two rings of bead, fender was gone too.
    I could have towed it for a hundred miles that way. Luckily, the contents and the trailer were fine. (and now I carry two spares)

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    It would all depend on the weight of the trailer, in my two trailers you dan't tell if its empty or has couple horses in it when driving due to the trailers being pretty heavy. I have never lost my horses but do have a friend who forgot to latch the gate and it came open with his horse tied in but was able to get his back feet out. Talk about and ugly scene, $12,000 heading horse taht had to be put down due to being complaciant ant not checking the gate latch.

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    I really don't see how anyone couln't tell they lost horses as big as those were. They were huge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinklady View Post
    I really don't see how anyone couln't tell they lost horses as big as those were. They were huge.
    Yes, but they were in a trailer large enough to carry the rest of the team (2 more Belgians) and the wagon. We've hauled as many as 6 horses in our (much smaller trailer and horses) goose neck trailer and I couldn't tell you much difference between hauling 6 and hauling 2. Yes, you can feel them shift, but you also feel bumps and dips in the road as well. If you stopped every time you felt the trailer sway you'd never get there. We are very careful of making our latches are locked, and our trailer has 2 backup latches on the rear lock and 1 backup on the side escape door.

    What is worse then the latches failing is if the floor fails. A friend of ours lost a trailer full of cows when the floor failed while they were on there way to to the auction. At 60+ mph there was a mess everywhere. We inspect the floor boards and wash them after every trip. It's anal, but the extra care is worth it!
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