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Thread: Rant and a question

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    Its for the children!
    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. Albert Einstein

    "People in Arizona carry guns," said a Chandler police spokesman. "You better be careful about who you are picking on."

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie1826 View Post
    Good points.
    I agree that it shouldn't have to be a law, but just like with the seat belt law some people won't use common sense unless you force them to. I brought this up because I keep seeing these commercials here about the sturgis rally and they are saying that last year something like 16 motorcyclists died and 200+ were injured just during that two week period (and thats just in sturgis and the surrounding areas). I don't know how many of these deaths helmets would have prevented but I'm guessing it wouldn't have made it worse either.
    On a side note, if anyone is coming my way for the rally and wants to go shooting while you are here send me a PM.
    Not to sound cruel but survival of the fittest comes to mind. It's always tragic to lose lives in an accident and I certainly don't wish harm to anyone, but dang it at some point you gotta say "hey, 70 mph on hot asphault is horrifying compared to 2-3 mph on a concrete alley on a bicycle, I should protect my noggin." The sad part is people will still skirt the laws and get away without wearing helmets and or seatbelts and it will be terrible when they die needlessly in an accident when they may have easily survived if they'd been a little more smart and a little less macho. I'm not saying helmets and seatbelts are instant forcefields either but they probably help 95% of the time.

    Here's hoping everyone on the road and at Sturgis plays it safe, gets through the rally, makes it back home safely, and has a great time!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmhawth View Post
    How about a little less intrusion into our lives by the safety police, the health police and the PC police please. Do we really need more rules to further stifle us?
    Actually I completely agree. Once again we should all have the common sense to use these safety devices without big brother having to make us. I definitely think that the government has overstepped its boundaries when they make laws like this.
    By posting this question I was trying to point out the failed logic when they can pass a law requiring everyone to wear a seat belt (once again common sense but you shouldn't be forced to) but they can't pass a law requiring everyone to have helmets. Some areas may have a helmet law, I think most places have helmet laws for minors, but in my neck of the woods there is no helmet law for adults.

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    Why should there be a law requiring seat belt use? It is a matter of personal freedom, even to make possibly bad decisions. The reason there is a seat belt law and no helmet law is two fold. The first is that the Feds use the threat of withholding highway funds if certain laws (like seat belt laws) aren't passed. The second is that there are certain segments of the motorcycle community that hates the helmet laws, and will rally against them, and bring political pressure against them, unlike drivers of cars.

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    I found it incredibly amusing that the exact same time they put in a stricter seatbelt law here, they also took out the motorcycle helment law.....
    I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them. -- John Wayne as John B. Books in "The Shootist"

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    Both seatbelts and helmets are required in MI.

    Seatbelts in the car...helmets on the cycle!
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie1826 View Post
    I hate August!
    Its hot, and its sturgis rally time. I cannot express enough how much I hate living in South Dakota during the rally, but I will keep my comments to myself so I don't offend anyone.
    I do have a question though, why is it that they can pass a law requiring that everyone has to wear a seatbelt when they are traveling in a car but they don't have a law requiring everyone to wear a helmet on a motorcycle?
    I don't think there should be a law requiring anyone to wear a seat belt, or a helmut, although I wear a helmut.

    I've dug people out of burning cars several times because they could not get out of their seat belt while the car was burning, etc. I'ld rather get killed than burned to death..... I think that should be my choice, not the Govts. They don't need to be concerned about my safety.... I'll do that ... thank you.
    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. --- Will Rogers ---
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    Quote Originally Posted by Striker543 View Post
    Here in Florida I believe they do require you to wear a helmet by law (though I may be wrong). I know that they absolutely require minors on a motorcycle to wear a helmet.
    In FL is not required by law to wear a helmet, but it is required by law to wear a seat belt when traveling in a car.
    "The Second Amendment: America's Original Homeland Security"

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