I think Hollywood is actually pro-carry

I think Hollywood is actually pro-carry

This is a discussion on I think Hollywood is actually pro-carry within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I mean how many times in a movie does calling 911 work out for the victim? The cops never show up on time and the ...

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Thread: I think Hollywood is actually pro-carry

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    I think Hollywood is actually pro-carry

    I mean how many times in a movie does calling 911 work out for the victim? The cops never show up on time and the victim always gets hacked up by the serial killer. Then the hero kills the serial killer with a shovel or something. Perhaps Hollywood is trying to tell people to get armed and/or defend yourself with whatever you can, because you cant count on the police. . . .
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    You know, that's a very interesting point. However, if there is a hidden message there, I doubt most pick up on it.
    Thanks for pointing that out though, I'll have to use that next time I am out with my carry friends!
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    excellent point. something to use for those anti's that are hollywood fanatics who equate hollywood to real life.

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    There are many movies where the 'victim' uses a gun because there was no other solution. It does make one wonder if the hollywood brainiacs realize the message their giving.
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    The actress in "The Brave One" said the purpose of the movie was to show how people with guns turn into vigilantes :eyeroll:
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    Or, one could look at it like this : You don't need guns to defend yourself, look at all of the other things around you that you could use instead. Given the mindset of most of Hollywierd, I'd tend to believe this is the more likely theory.
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    Having a relative in the motion picture industry, I can assure everyone that Hollywood is in no way pro-gun. There are pro-gun performers such as Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck and Demi Moore, but the overall mind set is anti-gun. He has pointed out to me actual organized conspiracies when Hollywood will distribute simultaneously several movies with anti-gun themes. Typically these movies are aimed at the mid teen and younger audience, since the producers believe adults already have firmly established beliefs.
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