Mall Ninjas Unite

Mall Ninjas Unite

This is a discussion on Mall Ninjas Unite within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I found this on another site and laughed all morning. With a lot of posts on sites of who carries and can do what to ...

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Thread: Mall Ninjas Unite

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    Mall Ninjas Unite

    I found this on another site and laughed all morning. With a lot of posts on sites of who carries and can do what to who this is thread is great.
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    Oh man, I nearly forgot all about Gecko45 and SPECOPS. Thanks for the laugh~!
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    i have been wondering who Gecko45 was, and now i know, anyone else have a thought of observe and report appear in there?
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    That one is funny....hard to believe there are guys like that walking around these days but not impossible! It makes me wonder that there may be a few lurking on this forum as well, I was thinking about one of the inmates here describing wearing three guns and had to wonder if that wasn't a bit of overkill. One could be amused at the thought of certain types that would gladly drive an armored vehicle if the laws allowed a tracked vehicle on the for thought....

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    I believe (and may be incorrect) that not only is this the evolutionary jumping off of the "Mall Ninja", but also the Genesys of the TROLL as well! Either way, truly hilarious... It is half "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and Half "Paul Blart, Mall Cop"...

    On a related note, I happen to have met one of these "Tacky-Cool" deer deer deers.... Story is, he climbs in his Guillie (sp?) suit at night and crawls around the alley behind a family friends neighborhood, wearing Civilian NVG with a (pellet, or .22lr) rifle, hunting rat's. Suffice it to say, he has earned the "The" title in front of his first name when he is refered to in conversation. (ie. have you talked to "The James" <names changed to protect the innocent> lately? I heard he is still hunting out back at night!)
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    I hate malls. They stress me out. Course being near a college town and all....summertime.....back to school fling.....lots of hot babes out there for eye candy. I was trained by a Ninja while on the island of Okinawa. I love fried rice and the smell of the winds off the sea. I don't think I'll ever be a mall ninja.......but I guess I could be a ninja mall walker. LOL!

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    Heh, it's been a while since I've read that. I'll have to read it again sometime. It's always good for a few laughs.
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    Someone posted this link last year when there was quite a bit of "conversation" going on about Gecko45. I laughed so hard reading it that I bookmarked it for future reference. It is a classic! If you are ever in a "down" mood, it is worth rereading to cheer you up! If you don't laugh, you are either dead or have no sense of humor and might as well be dead.
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