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Thread: I was tricked at work

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    When I was a young NCO, I had a new airman assigned to me. I was his trainer.

    We were preparing for an exercise in which we had to mobilize all of our communications equipment, pack tents, and in general everything we'd need to live in the field for a couple of weeks.

    While preparing the generators that powered our equipment, I had a brilliant idea. I called the generator maintenance shop (their NCOIC was a prankster as well as a good friend) and told them that I'd be sending an airman over to pick up the "long wait" that is used to balance the loads on the generators. So I send Amn Snuffy over to the power pro shop around 0800. My friend the NCOIC calls me when he gets there and asks, "How long do you want me to make him wait?"

    To which I replied, "Until he figures it out." =)

    At around 1300, Amn Snuffy comes back, and isn't pleased. One of the lower ranking airmen in the generator maintenance shop ratted us out, or he would have been there almost the entire duty day! You should have seen the look on his face. Of course, he was miffed, but he turned out to be a pretty goood Airmen, as well as a good NCO. But I will never let him live down the fact that he spent 5 hours waiting on a long wait. =)

    That was almost 10 years ago, and to this day, whenever he gets a new person in the shop, he pulls the same prank and calls me with the results! Gotta love it.

    Maintainers can get pretty creative. Left handed screwdrivers, fuse repair kits, and long waits were the norm! I miss those days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tally XD View Post
    Oh well, it worked with new recruits in armor . . . . we sent them to the motor pool sergeant for

    - A box of grid squares
    - cans of muzzle blast
    - bore evacuater fluid
    Air Force was fun also, sent new guys to fetch

    100 yards of flight line
    one gallon of prop wash
    ignition keys for airplane

    Air Traffic control. Federal job so we have to be cautious about getting too crazy. The old "black shoe polish on the tower binoculars trick" is my next move, I think.
    We used to use carbon paper on the Nav’s sextant, had one who would take a celestial shot then verify it with the other eye, had two black eyes until we got to billeting and he looked in the mirror.
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