Do you believe this? (Illegal Immigration/Employment topic)

Do you believe this? (Illegal Immigration/Employment topic)

This is a discussion on Do you believe this? (Illegal Immigration/Employment topic) within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I just finished a trip through Oregon and while there I heard the following on the news: Effective the fire season of 2006, all fire ...

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Thread: Do you believe this? (Illegal Immigration/Employment topic)

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    Do you believe this? (Illegal Immigration/Employment topic)

    I just finished a trip through Oregon and while there I heard the following on the news:

    Effective the fire season of 2006, all fire crew bosses must be able to speak Spanish. This rule has been in effect for a couple of years since put in place by the State but was not previously enforced due to a shortage of qualified fire crews. The State announced that they would be enforcing it this year. The rule states that Crew Bosses must be able to speak the language of the crew members, a stated Safety Concern.

    The result is that any current Crew Boss that does not speak Spanish will be demoted to squad leader and will be reduced in pay.

    When questioned, a State Official said that the rule was imperative in order to insure the safety of the crew members. When asked why the crew members were not required to speak English (you know, the so called official language of this country for over 200 years), he gulped, stammered, dodged and weaved a little, and them admitted that was a possibility.

    Also brought out was the fact that nobody knows how many of the fire crew members are even in this country legally. Contractors are supposed to be checking SS#'s, and other documents but if past history is any indicator, we know how that turns out. If the Contractor is going to have to pay crews more because he has to hire only legals, those phony documents will be "good enough" in his eyes. When the "Fed's" come to check, he will swear that all his employees checked out. Does anyone think that fire suppression contractors that hire illegals, and get caught, will be barred from doing business with the government? Yeah! Sure!. When pigs fly.

    In the mean time, US citizens that don't speak the language of the "invaders" will loose jobs and pay. So much for the politics of the leftist state of Oregon. Must be a political disease creeping up from California.

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    Welcome to Oregon! ;^)


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    Have to be very careful what I say - but putting it as simply and politely as I can - they have this totally butt about face - it is the Spanish speaking contingent that needs to learn English - that I would accept.

    Sheesh - why is everything so crazy these days Demotion or job loss because of not being able to speak to illegals???!!!!!

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    Believe me, Teddy Roosevelt is rolling over in his grave!

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    ¿Cuál es el reparto grande con lengua de todos modos? Ésta es América y DEBEMOS abastecer a los deseos de todos los comers, especialmente illegals.

    Oops, me bad. Sorry, musta had a liberal moment there.

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    rather screwed up. But then requiring schools to teach in spanish is too.
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    welcome to our world here in california this is why me and my sons moved up to the boon docks we dont even have a spanish class in the scool lol

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    Turn them in, they just arrested several company heads and gave them a big fine and jail time for hireing illegals. This applies to everyone including your fire fighters
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    I hope Hazleton, PA is a harbinger for the rest of our country

    Well, the city of my origin, Hazleton, PA, is finally cracking down on illegals. The mayor even made it onto CNN. I hope it leads to others working on the same.

    You can also google Hazleton and illegal

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    It's a sad day with the natural American professional loses his job and the illegal doesn't have to do a thing.

    Of course it's a danged safety issue! But my question is why must the limited in quantity, "hard to come by" crew boss have to change, when the easier to get, cheaper labor doesn't? Why does the crew boss have to learn a FOREIGN language to keep his job and the foreigner (assumed foreigner since he doesn't speak English) not have to do a thing?

    #$%^&* I'm steamed.
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    Our government will not be satisfied until every American is living under a bridge and illegals do all the work for 3.00 a day.

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    "Plate is Hot" ;o)
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    I work in law enforcement here in Florida and it is almost impossible for someone to get a job as a dispatcher or officer in many of the southern counties if they do not speak spanish. They will not tell you thats the reason you were not hired but it is the reason. If I go to mexico I will learn spanish, if they come to the USA they better learn English if the want to talk to me.
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    Just remember this BS when bills to make English the official language of the US get shot down in the US Senate or House. And hold the irresponsible politicians feet to the fire.

    Even as an engineer, there are many jobs in the southern US I can't apply for because one of the requirements is I must speak a foreign language. I bet the German I took in High School won't count.

    My son HAS to take and pass Spanish class to graduate from Jr. High, what the hell is wrong with this country?!?

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    Does that mean that all the equipment and manuals, including the buttons on firetrucks have Spanish and English labels??

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