Dogs ..... the good side.

Dogs ..... the good side.

This is a discussion on Dogs ..... the good side. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I keep hearing this "bad big dog syndrone" on here a lot, and about how "aggressive " dogs are ..... I'm wondering where ya'all are ...

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Thread: Dogs ..... the good side.

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    Dogs ..... the good side.

    I keep hearing this "bad big dog syndrone" on here a lot, and about how "aggressive " dogs are ..... I'm wondering where ya'all are seeing these aggressive dogs. I lived in a city nearby of 500,000... and now in a small town outside of it. I've been around dogs all my life, included trained guard dogs, etc. and have had fun wrestling with them, etc.... and only once in my life (60 yrs) have I run into a dog I could call vicious.

    Here, is some of the "other side" :

    ONE : It’s a long story that I won’t bore you with ….. but we had a Siberian who got loose and when he heard a girl screaming, he rushed over and saved the girl (10 yr old) from a guy that was trying to kidnap. The dog ran and jumped into the middle of the guy’s chest, breaking his hold on the girl and knocking him to the ground. The Siberian then would not let the guy get anywhere near the girl as the guy attempted to get a hold of her again, to force her into his car. At one point the guy almost grabbed the girl and the dog chomped into the calf of his leg and wouldn't let go. The guy hobbled to his car, dog still on his leg, to jump in and get away. The girl did not know who this man was. The girl took the dog's collar and had him walk with her to the nearest school , where police were called. When we arrived, the mother and her brother were in tears and kept thanking God the dog was there and saved her.

    TWO : I was leaving work and going to my father’s house one day, when I received a call from my sister asking where I was. I told her, and she said to get over to my father’s house as soon as possible, but not telling me why. I knew it could not be good. When I pulled up at his house, there were a couple of police cars and an ambulance, and my sister came running out toward me. She was yelling at me “get in the house NOW, get in the house NOW … they need your help “ . I go inside and they are congregated near the kitchen door and ask me to come in there and help them with the “dog”. When I go in, my father is laying there…. And there is no doubt that he is dead, and the dog …. A Mastiff called Chelsie….. is laying on his chest. Now, my father was a BIG man … and Chelsie was a big dog… but not as much compared to him… but she was laying across his chest and was letting NO ONE mess with nor get near him.

    I called her, and Chelsie instantly jumped up and came to me, and Chelsie and I went outside so they could all do their stuff. Chelsie, was a good dog… She knew there was something wrong and she was trying to protect him.

    Three : One night I began to wake up when my present dog was on the bed … barking at me and licking me… while still ½ asleep she lands with both front paws in the middle of my chest…. (she weighs 40 lbs and I felt every lb I think) . Then she went to the edge of the bed nearest the doorway and began to growl. I knew something was definitely wrong….. and told her “show me” as I grabbed my gun, and she took me into the TV room….. where the back door is… and started growling a deep deep growl…. Someone was trying to break in my back door at 2 a.m.

    I think dogs have strong feelings and compassion, and obviously a protectiveness toward their owners and companions. Here are few “stories “ and videos… that I thought show a bit of that.....

    Dog goes onto highway, to pull other dog that has been hit ….. to safety .

    Dog’s pup, protects mother on highway after being hit…..

    Unknown dog jumps in to fight bull to save the bullfighter.

    Dog saves boy from attacking cougar :

    Dog calls 911 if owner has a seizure……

    Rescued dog senses girls seizures, before they start, and warn them, and more.
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    I have to agree. We were eating dinner one evening and our female GSD Mercedes was curled up on her bed in front of the fireplace. We all watched in amazement as she got up, dragged her bed away from the fire, and curled back up and went to sleep.

    The next day I was vacuuming up all of the hair, and I moved her bed. As I picked it up I noticed the side that was nearest the fire had started to char. She must've smelled the combustion products (none of us ever did).
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    It's quite simple. There are good dogs and bad. Just like there are millions of gun owners that don't go around killing people, there are millions of great, wonderful and lovable dogs. The bad ones (in both cases) get all the press.

    I have been mauled by a dog (as a child) and bitten twice as an adult. I am still a dog lover, but just like with people you need to be aware that there are some bad apples out there.

    Most of the bad apples, sadly, are taught to be mean by their owners. ; (
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    Thanks for reminding us about good news. Usually when you hear stories about dogs (particularly in the news) they are bad. I'll risk dating myself and say that many years ago there was a song I believe by Anne Murray. I believe the song was titled "We need a little good news today". With all the news today being bad it is refreshing when someone delivers some good news. As far as good dogs go Mandy was my wife's border collie. I got her for my wife from the local SPCA. My wife was undergoing Cancer treatments (Hodgkins Disease) at the time. Mandy was a great therapy dog and friend. Mandy passed away about 7 years ago. If an animal can earn their wings I know she earned hers and is an angel waiting to see my wife again.

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    I am a big fan of dogs. Some anecdotal evidence I can add is for the military bomb dogs. They get trained to sniff out certain types of explosives, and can do so even when the explosives have been buried. They can find IED's that metal detectors can't, and have saved the lives of countless service members in the current campaigns, including probably mine. Always made me feel a little better running point when I had a dog handler next to me and his dog out front working. And it never hurt to have a dog around the base either, helps to raise morale.
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    Mostly agree but sadly there are vicious dogs and people do get mauled and killed, and innocent people get attacked and bitten for all manner of reasons the dog thought were "good."

    On balance, dogs are great. But, they are "individuals" with personalities and character, and naughty streaks, and stubborn streaks, and mean streaks. The owner has to be responsible.

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    Good dog post. Thanks for sharing.
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    Too many variables with dogs to say they are good or bad. Agreed, there are hundreds of loyal dogs who will protect the people they love with all that they have, yet, there are those dogs that you cannot trust for any reason whatsoever.

    I like dogs and have one now, but lets face it, she will attack anyone she doesn't know and we must be very careful with her. I am glad we have her because she will protect our home from any invasion, but if she got loose and attacked someone then she would suffer the consequences for that attack. She is just that way and that's that. On the other hand she could be gentle if she desired.

    So that's my 2 cents on dogs.
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    A ditto on what ArmyCop said... excellent post!
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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    It's quite simple. There are good dogs and bad. Just like there are millions of gun owners that don't go around killing people, there are millions of great, wonderful and lovable dogs. The bad ones (in both cases) get all the press.

    I have been mauled by a dog (as a child) and bitten twice as an adult. I am still a dog lover, but just like with people you need to be aware that there are some bad apples out there.

    Most of the bad apples, sadly, are taught to be mean by their owners. ; (
    Yep! My hubby was bitten by a Chow dog as a kid, guess what? We now have a Chow mix that he absolutely adores! You can't just say all Chows are "mean"
    When I got her I spent hours reading up and learning about dog training. I spent hours working with her. My life revolved around her, and being her leader was almost like playing god. She doesn't do tricks or anything fancy, but she's a joy to be around and a wonderful "alarm system". I don't expect her to be "heroic" but I turst her ability to filter alarm-worthy stuff out of the everyday noises. If the Lab is barking it's no big deal just tell him to hush, unless Dusti is barking too, then I'm probably reaching for a gun.
    A Chow dog is generally wired to REQUIRE strong leadership, which is where the HUMANS fail.
    She's so totally different than my Lab mix, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    Good post. I have a 260# English Mastiff and a 25 # grandaughter that lives with us. Watching them interact is impressive. He was 3 years old when she came homwe from hospital. He took to her instantly. They play together all the time. The breed's nature is to be very family oriented. My dog goes well beyond this. IMO perfect breed for family situation. Pizza delivery will not hold storm door open when you get to door!

    Quick story.....Father's Day at our house my wife's sister(in from out of town) is going to do the "get cha get cha goo" thing while wife holds baby. Dogs rushes in the kitchen and barking loudly gets between baby and sister in law. She wets pants. Messing with baby stopped.

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