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This is a discussion on Dog question within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Most dogs strut their stuff and growl a bit at each other. Mine on a leash and someone else's not on a leash is still ...

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Thread: Dog question

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    Most dogs strut their stuff and growl a bit at each other. Mine on a leash and someone else's not on a leash is still not a big problem for me. I'm not particularly bothered by dog growls. One can usually tell if a real threat is meant. Now if your dog actually attacks my dog, then I will also take it as an attack against me...can't be too sure ya' know. I will end a 'biting' threat. My Irish Wolfhound does have the capability to end threats (she's still growing) as they were bred to hunt and kill the wolf population in Ireland.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    The better trained your dog becomes the more it will focus on you. test dogs with distractions (such as a charging dog).
    What Steve says^^^

    I have two rescued pitbulls; and I live out in the country where NOBOBY but me keeps their dog up. Whenever we take the dogs out for a walk or the neighbor kids come over, other UNTRAINED dogs are a problem.

    The BEST way to address a problem with "loose" dogs is to remain calm and have FULL control over your own dogs. Both my dogs will iqnore other dogs; EVEN when they come running out to attack. (They know it's MY job to protect them.)

    There has only been a few occasions when an "attacking" loose dog could not be stopped by me. The three times I can remember, I let my dogs gain control and pin the other dogs to the ground. Then I "physically" took control of the loose dog and commanded my dogs to release, and come to heel.

    I even had one owner threaten to call the police; so I did it myself. This pit hating d!c&head got an education from the cops. His dog was at fault because the law states the "owner" must have FULL control of his "own" dog; at all times.

    The cop even suggested that the owner ask me to teach him about controling his dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911PKR View Post
    Yep... to what Ram Rod said. I've had 2 dogs trained for personal protection by the KCPD K-9 unit. Well trained dogs are taught when to be "aggressive" (w/ a command) without attacking until the command is given to "let er' rip". Given the dog isn't trained properly for this situation,
    I'm glad your dog is properly trained. My former neighbor was a LEO with a police dog. That dog would kill anyone if he got a chance. The ONLY time it was safe to be around him was when the LEO was with him. He bragged on how the dog had bitten so many people and he beat all the lawsuits. (Including the vet.) Had that dog ever gotten loose, someone would have died.
    All trained police dogs don't wait for a command to attack.

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