MAROONED! (Flood Pics)

MAROONED! (Flood Pics)

This is a discussion on MAROONED! (Flood Pics) within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Im in NE PA. , and Im sure a lot of you have seen news about the flash flooding here- so figured I'd show some ...

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Thread: MAROONED! (Flood Pics)

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    MAROONED! (Flood Pics)

    Im in NE PA. , and Im sure a lot of you have seen news about
    the flash flooding here- so figured I'd show some pics.

    We have power but no water supply.
    Roads and bridges are closed around my neighborhood.


    Its sorta like living on an Island

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    I have so far been lucky over this side - plenty wet for sure but not critical. I did tho watch the radar many times with horror as I saw what was going on to my East.

    Hope it all tapers off now and the waters can go down. Just had this email thru few minutes ago -
    County officials in the Wilkes-Barre area of Pennsylvania have begun
    ordering 150,000 to 200,000 people to evacuate their homes because of the
    rising Susquehanna River.

    Log on to for details.
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    Wow thats a lot of water we have been lucky we usually get the storms before you do and flooding has been mild here but ohio got hammered also

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    We were down in Williamsburg, VA and saw a report about our home town (Laurel, MD) on the evening news. Thankfully we live near the top of a hill!

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    Looks a little wet there, has it been raining?

    Just kidding. Really. At least the power's on and you can check the boards. Good luck.
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    Another checking in from PA.
    We got hammered pretty hard, roads flooded and washed out, route 61 sinking in places (Frackville area).
    My wife works 15 minutes away and is a work-a-holic, she insisted on trying to get in last night. About 2 and a half hours into the 15 minute trip we wound up on a road with a bridge at the bottom being lost trying to find a back way in. No place to turn hit the bridge under 2 feet of water with good sized stones on the bridge under the water, somehow miraculously we made it through and found a fire house. Fire crew got into a 4wd and led us up over the mountain and informed us to get home asap as the only road still open would be closed in 10 minutes to a resevoir release.
    We made it back, barely.
    It was stupid but I had no choice as she would have tried it on her own if I refused to drive and I couldn't let her on her own.
    Needless to say, an argument did ensue after arriving back home but at least all was ok and she did see the power of a flood and has agreed that she will never try something like that again.

    One more day then it's off from the soggy NE to the parched Southwest, decided to extend our stay out there (NM) and go a bit further to see the Grand Canyon.

    At least it'll be dry.

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    I have seen some flooding here in Ky, and even got caught in salt river one night many moons ago. Fortunately though, I live so high up on a hill, that it would have to rain for 40 days and...

    Even so, I think this illustrates the importance of an emergency kit.
    We keep enough drinking water, food and gasoline on hand to keep us going for at least a week. I am slowly working on extending that to a month.

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    Hey all of you in the affected areas...good luck!

    Sorry to hear about the flooding!
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