PA, NY, NJ and Other Wet Folks

PA, NY, NJ and Other Wet Folks

This is a discussion on PA, NY, NJ and Other Wet Folks within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Hope anyone adversely affected by the flooding is safe and dry. The news is difficult to catch, but it sounds like parts up NE could ...

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Thread: PA, NY, NJ and Other Wet Folks

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    Exclamation PA, NY, NJ and Other Wet Folks

    Hope anyone adversely affected by the flooding is safe and dry. The news is difficult to catch, but it sounds like parts up NE could get really flooded - Hope you're all safe!

    So hot on the trail of the hurricane fiasco, its going to be interesting (although saddening) to watch:

    Whether individuals have prepared adequately,
    Whether the govt's can effectively respond,
    How the BG's respond

    Another example of a situation in which great preparation makes a huge difference!

    Good luck to ya'll !
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    Richard - I have been very fortunate being way more West in PA - well, West of center anyways! Still plenty of wet stuff but manageable.

    For sure the guys out East, and don't forget DE either - things have sure been bad. I have mentioned more than once how one or two days I watched the radar and saw what huge slow moving chunks were doing - mega rainfall.

    I hope a respite is in sight - and that levels can drop - so much damage and even risks re dams breaking. Of course lots of folks had all this not long ago in New England.
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    One leak (small) at primary residence (around skylight), stream through backyard within 1 ft of overflowing, pool will need some work. At second house, 2 pretty good leaks, one at front porch which I coated last year and one on 2nd floor, had new roof on 2 1/2 years ago, guess I'll call homeowners ins on this one.
    Took a tour yesterday, some roads gone, resevoir cracked. some streets in nearby communities with white water rapids in the towns. Plent of road closings and a few singing roads, really differenet to see steel guardrails looking like the lelted and drooped because the roadway they're in has collapsed. Plenty of waterfalls coming off the mountains and water shooting 4 feet up into the air some places.
    Personally came through it ok and fortunately the stream through our yard is deep (about 4-5 feet) but still came within a foot of overflowing. Kind of neat standing on the bridge in yard and watching rapids though.
    All local communities are advised to boil water and a few local, surrounding communities have been evacuated.

    We're not too bad personally but do hope the Governor declares a disaster area to assist people all around us who didn't fare as well.

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    Happily I live on a hill. Parts of the low lands around me are real soggy though.

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    I'm up high enough, but the roads into the nearest city are flooded and closed.

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    It's weird to say this but I am glad I live in Philadelphia.

    As the SHTF around us we received relativley little rain. A lot of people's lives are being displaced in this area right now. It's all over the news.

    It hasn't slowed down the killings though......(sigh).....

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    It is strange here in Central New York. I range from Rochester to Syracuse and thereabouts over the course of visiting my various clients and such. I am in this strange little zone that is outside all the major flooding areas. We've had some heavy rain, but nothing horrific.

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    Only one leak... IN THE BATHROOM!

    I forgot about the leak at 3:00am when my bladder was about to explode

    drip drip drip, goes the fiberglass infested water on my head
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