Letter to my buddy that got us started in shooting...

Letter to my buddy that got us started in shooting...

This is a discussion on Letter to my buddy that got us started in shooting... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Dear Mike, As you know, Pocahontas and I are well and truly into shooting at this point. We went to the course you recommended and ...

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Thread: Letter to my buddy that got us started in shooting...

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    Letter to my buddy that got us started in shooting...

    Dear Mike,

    As you know, Pocahontas and I are well and truly into shooting at this point. We went to the course you recommended and "Mac" gave us a really good grounding in self defense shooting. Our CCW's arrived this summer. I'm getting Pocahontas a .22 for her birthday. She doesn't like the recoil and muzzle blast from my EDC Glock 26.

    Well, I think we should find a new shooting range Ė among other things. I took my Advantage Arms .22 cal. Conversion kit to the range yesterday and tried shooting .22ís with my Glock. It didnít work and most rounds wouldnít fire. I asked the guy who is the gunsmith to take a look at it. (Can you think of a word that starts with ďaĒ and ends with ďhole?Ē) He was less than helpful. I would have been more than happy to pay him for his time but his attitude was that, "if you didn't buy it from me, go to ****". I took the kit over to Patís Pawn and gun shop and the smith took a look at it, tried a few things and diagnosed it as a firing pin problem and tried NOT to charge me Ė so I felt bad and bought Pocahontas a set of electronic ear muffs. The kit is going back to the factory today for a warranty service.

    We went to Patís Pawn and Gun because I am having Pocahontas' birthday present sent there. An ISSC M-22 that is a Glock 19 look-a-like in .22LR. Thatís where my business is going from now on they were VERY helpful at Pat's.

    I think we should look for another practice range. Have you been to Ocala? Or tried the free range in the forest?

    OK, so much for being ****ed off at the guy at the rangeÖ

    Now, my other problem which is also your fault:
    My clothes are too damned tight. Even my stretch shorts, size 34, that I have worn for years with no problem now squeeze my guts when I have my CrossBreed Super Tuck slipped inside the waist band. And, carrying 2 lbs of gun on my belt makes my pants fall down around my knees unless I cinch the belt so tight that even a fart canít get out. You have ruined my wardrobe by getting me started on this hobby. Iím thinking of looking for a .32 cal pistol like a Walther PPK or something like an LCP as my EDC. Don't say anything to Pocahontas; she doesn't understand why anyone would want more than one gun.

    My belts now come in several sizes: Too short or too long; too narrow or too wide. Who knew that 1.5Ē belt loops were so hard to find. Now I have to buy not only a new belt but new pants. And, a few new shirts that hang down loose around my hips. Iím sending you my bill from LL Bean and Landís End. Myother friends have noticed my new dress style and are making humorous comments about it but at least they havenít figured out that Iím packing heat yet.

    Then thereís the cost of ammunition! Do you know what twenty 9mm JHPís cost! I get funny looks when I go into Wal-Mart and buy 100 rounds of CCI Mini Mags, 150 rounds of 9mm fmj, 20 rounds of jhp, and 550 rounds of Remington Gold Bullet .22 LR. They must think Iím some kind of nut Ė carrying all that lead to the car is pretty good exercise thoughÖ

    The weather down here is quite nice with daytime highs in the upper 80ís and night down to the low 70ís or upper 60ís. Humidity is not too high and there has been a good breeze. Donít pay any attention to what Pocahontas says about the heat and humidity. All her plants have gone wild and grown amazingly. She is in the process of rearranging them and trimming them back to merely intrusive after admitting that they really were trying to take over the world. She actually carries her gun while gardening to protect herself from the Trifids.

    Looking forward to seeing you down here soonÖ


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    Verrry funny. The wardrobe adjustment is a rite of passage. Or you get an OWB... Take a look at the walther PPS or a SIG P239...
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