Almost killed yesterday.

Almost killed yesterday.

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Thread: Almost killed yesterday.

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    Almost killed yesterday.

    Although I was a LEO for 21 years and in the military for 4 years and even the survivor of 4 years with the postal service, yesterday was the closest to death I've ever been.
    I was in Albuquerque attending a showing of "The Town"(great movie BTW) at the Century 14 theater located at First St. and Central Ave. After the showing I was walking south on First St. to where I had parked my car. I stopped at First and Gold to wait for the traffic light. Also at the intersection, in the northbound lane of First was a city bus. The light turned green and gave me the walk signal and I proceeded to cross Gold. At the same time, the bus made a left turn onto Gold and came straight at me while I was in the cross walk. I looked up as he was just feet from me and put my arm up in a defensive gesture just as he lurched to a stop.
    This is how close things came, the bike rack mounted in front of the bus actually hit my upraised hand just as it stopped.
    After I realized I was still alive, I went to the drivers window and asked him if he was in the habit of running down pedestrians in cross walks in broad daylight. I also of course added every choice 4 letter word I could think of. After asking me if I was alright, he drove off.
    I didn't immediately notice that my hand was injured, but the driver of a second bus behind the first, started telling me to call 311 and report it which I did to both the city transit authority and later to APD.
    Today my hand is swollen and tender to the touch, so I'm going to my doctors. BTW, my life didn't flash before my eyes.
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    I think mine would've. That was a close call man. A distracted driver is one thing, but a distracted bus driver is quite another. Reporting the driver is the best thing you could've done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieth View Post
    I think mine would've. That was a close call man. A distracted driver is one thing, but a distracted bus driver is quite another. Reporting the driver is the best thing you could've done.
    I agree, reporting him was a good move on your part. Maybe they will relieve him of his job until he is better qualified to do it. Glad you are ok.

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    Glad you are ok. Hope nothing major wrong with your hand. Good thing you reported him.
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    The thread of life is very thin and frail.
    Great to hear that for the most part, you're safe and sound.
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    Absolutely report the incident. Out here in Portland, that sort of thing happens occasionally. Just recently, two people in a crosswalk got killed after being struck by a bus: click. Of course, each situation is different. No telling about the exact degree of actual culpability, after the fact, unless having seen everything from start to finish, and sometimes it's tough to do so even then.

    EDIT: Apparently there is more than one area bus driver who doesn't pay attention to the road. Tri-Met bus driver caught reading while driving in curvy section of local highways: click. With the risks of harm so obvious, you'd think that both passengers and the Tri-Met operators would be coming down very hard on such drivers caught putting people's very lives at risk.

    Lesson: One can never be too aware, when stepping off the curb to enter a street, as a car can come from any direction.

    I can't count the number of times when I have refused to step off a curb until I actually made eye contact with the next driver in line and got physical confirmation via a waving hand to continue walking. Everyone simply steps off the sidewalk around me, disregarding the car that isn't yet confirmed to have seen us. It only takes an extra couple of seconds for the confirmation, but it's nearly foolproof. Until the driver actually signals knowledge that people are there walking, and agrees to not continue forward while they continue walking, there's no telling what can happen. It's exactly this sort of situation (that the OP describes) I'm trying to avoid, failing to be seen by the other driver. Why? Well, it's not often I go out wearing a dayglo orange vest while just walking through town on the sidewalks. I used to wear reflective gear back in the days of running, but even that wasn't sufficient by itself to avoid cars with day-dreaming drivers.

    Anytime, anywhere. It applies to anything that relies on situational awareness.
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    Not fun. Glad you seem to be ok, other than a minor injury.

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    sa is the key here, you may have been carrion!
    As far as approaching the driver, why escalate the situation? What if bus driver thinks you ran out in front of him and then come up swearing at him and acting aggressive? Could he feel in fear for his life if that is how he perceived things?

    Glad you are okay and I don't mean any offense by the concerns I'm raising. Every situation is different and not being there personally I can only go from what is posted.
    Stay safe!
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    I would try to remember who the second driver was ,time of incident,if you end up with a big bill for your hand they may try to fight any claim
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    We have a bus driver in Des Moines who has killed two pedestrians so far. No idea if they are still driving.

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    I refuse to ride on busses, because of what I've observed as a driver.
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    Glad you are mostly O.K. Before I got to the bus part I thought we were going to hear about a shoot out or a least a fair fist fight. There's nothing fair about trying to hold back a bus with an outstretched arm.

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    Glad you're ok! Not too many people can say that they've been hit by a bus and lived to tell about it.
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    CCW9mm had it exactly right!

    EYE CONTACT is the key to remaining healthy on the streets.

    I learned this not too long ago when I got hit while walking across a downtown street.

    The driver was stopped at a stop sign waiting for a break in traffic when I stepped off the curb. She hit the gas when I was less than three feet in front of the car and instinctivly I jumped straight up, landed on the hood and slid up to the windshield.

    I still can't believe this, but as I slid off the hood and stepped up to the drivers door I said, "Don't you know that you could hurt someone doing dumb stuff like that?"

    I got to thinking about that later, and being a long time motorcycle rider to boot, it finally dawned on me that the way to stay healthy is to make eye contact first both in walking and bike riding.


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    Recently in Virginia Beach, a city trash driver backed over a homeless man who was sleeping on the beach. The city tried to say he was in a depression. Then a tourist gave the paper a photo of the man taken just minutes before the accident. He was out in the open. Later it was revealed that the driver had some previous driving issues that were quite an embarrassment to the city. To my knowledge she has not been charged with any crimes. Now they are facing a 25 Million suit. killed yesterday.-homeless.jpg
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