Retread for boots?

Retread for boots?

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Thread: Retread for boots?

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    Retread for boots?

    I have a favorite pair of duty boots. Front bottom sole is just about gone - cracked etc...

    Anyone have a link to where I can order a self repair - retread kit for them?

    Or any other suggestions - besides taking to a repair shop?
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    I hope they are not Rocky 911s. I have a pair that needs to be resoled and stitched. The side stitching they use has broken in spots and no one locally can do the job. I emailed Rocky and they won't even do the job. The boot makers today are interested more in the number of sales than they are of taking care of their current customers. The only thing left to me was to buy new boots. They are not Rocky's. The Rockys took me nearly 2 months to break in and lasted only 28 months. It may make goods sales sense but it doesn't make good customer service sense. I wish we could go back to the standard police uniform and trash the "tacticool" BDUs we have now. Then we could wear shoes and save the boots for the winter snow. Good luck on your search.

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    check out the phone book there are still shoe repair shops out there, or just goggle shoe repair.....
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    Any good shoe cobbler can repair and resole. If they are Danner... send them back to them and they will "recraft" Take the whole boot apart and rebuild by hand. Looks like a nice broken in pair of new boots when you get them back.
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    I've had a pair of the original LL Bean Maine Hunting Boots since 1984 that I've sent back to them for replacement soles 4 times now. The leather uppers are like buttah after all these years!
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    Thanks for the tip on Danners!
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    I don't know of any DIY resole kits. From what I understand, that takes a bit of skill to do.
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    My good old Rockies started to flake apart.
    The sole is black foam and looks like they have the tread and sides molded around them.
    This molded casting began splitting and falling off and I left a trail of little black chunks wherever I walked.
    I took them to the friendly local shoe repair and he shook his head sadly.
    No fixing to them.
    The soles are bonded onto the upper and not sewn.
    Rat feathers.
    Time to switch brands!
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