We'll Never Win This Battle...

We'll Never Win This Battle...

This is a discussion on We'll Never Win This Battle... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; http://www.numbersusa.com/content/re...407&tid=520279 The newest 'gumball immigration' presentation...6-minute review. Well worth watching....

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Thread: We'll Never Win This Battle...

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    We'll Never Win This Battle...


    The newest 'gumball immigration' presentation...6-minute review.
    Well worth watching.
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    very good example of how "feel good" programs are not the way to change anything.
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    That's a lotta gumballs
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    That's a lotta gumballs
    They'd probably frown on him using bullets.

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    I have never understood the immigration as solution to world poverty argument either. Trade will have much more effect among a larger segment of the population in these countries. However I do agree with having the best and brightest immigrate to America. Personally I am the type that believes that if you get a upper level degree,(aka engineering, high Tec degree or masters plus) at an American school we should have a green card handed to them with their diploma.

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    His presentations are always worth watching and extremely well done. Thank you!
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    Well, if things keep going as they have been, we'll join all of those other gumballs before long.
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    There may be folks who use the "immigration is a solution to world poverty" argument, but that is not what is behind our legal immigration--- the 1 million per year. These folks, legal migrants, are predominantly either relatives of US citizens or they are certified by our Dept. of Labor as having skills we need.

    The presenter does make a valid point that the brave are those who stay home to help. Year after year we import innumerable doctors and nurses--- instead of making the investment in our own people--- and each one brought here means less health care for those left behind in Egypt, India, Pakistan, Philippines. (It also means that their investment in the education of their citizens went for naught.)

    We do the same with computer and financial and engineering experts. We bring the folks who compete with us here, and meanwhile remove a resource from a poor country. And as much as we bring in there are huge corporate interests such as Microsoft which want us to bring in more. Huge corporate interests in the health care industry which want us to bring in more. Huge interests in the educational establishment who want us to bring in more. There are whole academic departments at all major universities where you can scarcely find "a born here in American professor," or an American graduate student.

    So yes, the presenter is right. We are not doing the rest of the world any favors bringing their skilled labor here, just as we don't do ourselves any favor moving our dollars and our manufacturing technology to outside our borders.

    The Mexican immigration thing being at least 50% illegal migration, is a different situation. And again, it thrives on our desire for the highest "productivity" even if that means destroying ourselves. (Productivity = unit of production/ cost of production and cost is mostly labor for things made here.)

    There are some big issues raised by the number of "gumballs" about lots of social policy that frankly I'll get banned for raising here. Suffice it to say that our globe has about reached the point where it can no longer sustain the population size. Until we come to grips with that we are all doomed to a slow downward spiral in standard of living.

    Poverty and starvation is the inevitable end game to a constantly rising population.

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    I felt like that was kind of pointless because believing we make a difference to the worlds poverty by the people we take is obviously false

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