Im back

Im back

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Thread: Im back

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    Im back

    Hello everyone, again.

    Its been a while since I have checked the forum, new changes in my life have kept me quite busy and away from the forum for almost 8 months!!! Some of you who knew me on here knew me as a self-defense instructor, I have put that behind me to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice and to enter a law enforcement career. After spending 10 years away from school, its been rather difficult and time consuming. I have a new job working on campus in the I.T. field. I specialize in security on campus. That is, security cameras, blue emergency kiosks, etc. I work closely with the campus PD, making them "smart cops" with iPhones with cool technology.

    Anyway, I am trying to find the time between my classes, work, study time, etc. to check the forum and be more active. Since its illegal to carry on campus, I have not been carrying as much as I should. Seems I only carry when I go out on the weekends. I still shoot almost every weekend, but its not every day like I used to.

    So thats the skinny on me and what I have been up to. I love the look of the new forum, last time I was here is was the older look, thats how long its been. I am sure new people and new topics have been brought up that I need to catch up on and I will in the next few weeks. And I will try harder to find the time to be on here and keep up to date with you all.

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    Welcome back. I for one, look forward to your input.
    Good luck going forward in LE.

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    Welcome back.

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    Welcome back, buddy!
    CCW permit holder for Idaho, Utah, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Hampshire. I can carry in your country but not my own.

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